MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Ollie reveals truth behind bizarre Nasser encounter

Former MAFS groom Nasser Sultan crashed Ollie and Tahnee's homestay date in Sydney.

Married At First Sight’s Ollie Skelton has spoken out after photos emerged of season five groom Nasser Sultan crashing his homestay date with Tahnee Cook during filming last year.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that Nasser, who has a history of gate-crashing media events, followed the couple around Bondi and asked producers if he could film a scene with them before being told to leave.

MAFS’ Nasser Sultan crashing Tahnee and Ollie's op-shopping date during their homestay.
Former MAFS groom Nasser Sultan awkwardly crashed Tahnee and Ollie’s op-shopping date during their homestay in Bondi. Photos: Supplied

Now, Ollie has shared his side of the story and revealed what really happened when Nasser interrupted their op-shopping date and took ‘sneaky’ photos of them.

“It’s so funny because he asked the person who was working there to take some photos,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “However, the photos were ‘coincidentally' with us in the background and I knew that he was just subtly taking a photo of us.

“I think you can see my eyes, I’m going, really dude?”


The 26-year-old voice-over artist went on to share that he had never watched MAFS before going on the show so he doesn’t have any knowledge of the former brides and grooms.

“I didn't know who he was,” he says. “But Tahnee clued me in that he was on a previous season.

“He took the photos and then dipped out. I’ve never spoken to him in my life, but I wish him all the best.”

MAFS' Ollie and Tahnee on a picnic.
Ollie says he wishes he was able to take Tahnee to Perth for homestay week. Photo: Channel Nine

The sweet reason Ollie wanted to take Tahnee to Perth

Although Ollie spent homestay week in Bondi getting a taste of Tahnee’s lifestyle, he admits he wishes he was able to take his ‘wife’ to his hometown in Western Australia.

“I was praying we were going to Perth because I've never been homesick before,” he says. “In my mind, I had the idea that we were going to Perth. I always just thought that would be what made sense because we were living 15 or 20 minutes from where she lives.

“The angle that I wanted to go at it from was I love Perth so much and I have this amazing friend group that I'm so grateful for and a really great relationship with my family, and I guess I wanted to show her that this is what I'm willing to leave for you.”

Ollie jokes that he also “would’ve loved” to have gone on a double date with fellow couple Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon, who had a tempestuous homestay in Perth.

“Maybe Kirra could’ve vetted our relationship a little bit too,” he laughs, referring to Bronte’s sister who grilled Harrison at the dinner table.

MAFS' Ollie and Harrison.
Ollie says he and Harrison ‘don’t talk often’. Photos: Channel Nine

Ollie responds to Harrison's claims he and Tahnee are 'fake'

Speaking about Harrison, Ollie says that the controversial groom recently contacted him after calling his relationship with Tahnee “fake” in an interview with Woman’s Day.

“He reached out to me and said that it was taken out of context, which I do believe,” he shares.

“However, during the show, he did question our relationship’s authenticity, I think because I was talking about his relationship and the inauthenticity about it and he wanted to put it back on me, but I don’t think he really believed it. He paused and kind of looked around the room and then followed it up with, ‘hypothetically speaking’.

“I always felt when I was disagreeing with Harry that you were sort of playing a mental jujitsu of conversation where you’d be arguing one point and then five seconds later you'd be arguing another point. But I always felt like Harrison and I could disagree and it was simply that - a disagreement. I try not to harbour personal feelings about having two sets of opinions.”


Ollie adds that although he still has plenty of close friends from MAFS, including Rupert Bugden who he calls “at least once a day”, he hasn’t stayed in close contact with Harrison.

“This whole experiment has very much a year 12 high school element,” he remarks. “It's nearly the end of the year and you're all graduating, we’ve all been on this journey together, and there are pockets of friendships - some who are closer than others.

“But you still feel in this bizarre way connected to every person on the show, whether or not you talk to them. So Harrison and I don't talk often, but there are pockets of friends in different segments.”

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