MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Lyndall reacts to Cam and Tayla's 'sexting' scandal

Lyndall Grace has shared her honest thoughts on the recoupling.

Married At First Sight’s Lyndall Grace has spoken out about the romance between her on-screen ‘husband’ Cameron Woods and fellow bride Tayla Winter after it emerged they had a brief ‘text fling’ following the show.

It was also revealed that Cam FaceTimed Tayla after final vows but before the reunion and showed her his manhood, which he told The Kyle & Jackie O Show was his “signature move”.

MAFS’ Lyndall Grace and Cam Woods / Tayla Winter.
MAFS’ Lyndall has shared her thoughts on the relationship between her TV husband Cam and fellow bride Tayla. Photos: Channel Nine

Lyndall has now opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle and shared her thoughts on their romance ahead of the upcoming reunion episodes, where she will reportedly confront the couple about their X-rated exchange.

While she says she’s “thankfully not a victim of the penis FaceTime” herself, she admits she was sent “into an absolute spiral” when she first found out about it.

“Everything that I’d known about our relationship and processed after final vows about him not really wanting a relationship and him just kind of checking out, all those things that I finally made peace with completely unravelled,” she shares.

“It was very, very hurtful to hear and it makes you second guess your whole relationship and the whole way that it all fell apart and the reasons why.”


Lyndall went on to say that she feels “confused” and “let down” by Cam, even though he pursued the relationship with Tayla after they had called it quits.

“I don't think Cam ever outright lied to me, but I think that he was a little bit deceitful and did come up with a few excuses,” she remarks.

“The biggest thing really for me is like, I thought you were meant to be out working remote with no signal, yet you can FaceTime Tayla and you can exchange texts with the boys. Like, how much of this was actually true at all?”

MAFS’ Lyndall Grace and Cam Woods at the commitment ceremony.
Lyndall says she feels ‘confused’ and ‘let down’ by Cam. Photo: Channel Nine

'Hard to watch'

Although Tayla and Cam’s relationship seemingly flourished after the show wrapped filming and they had both ended things with their on-screen partners, they did appear to have a close friendship on the retreat.

Cam defended Tayla when she was being attacked by their fellow cast members and comforted her when she was crying, which Lyndall admits she was shocked to see on TV.

“That was quite hard to watch,” she says. “Obviously I'd already done the reunion and I knew what happened there, but when I saw it starting to play out on screen I was like, oh my god I knew it. I felt like that was never really confirmed for me until watching it.”

Lyndall adds that she hasn’t been in touch with Tayla at all since the show, especially after she shared a post on social media calling her “the biggest bully”.

“We've never really communicated at all, apart from whatever happened during the experiment,” she says. “I don't have her number and I don't think she has mine.”

MAFS’ Tayla Winter.
Lyndall says she hasn’t been in contact with Tayla since the show. Photo: Channel Nine

'I'm not really interested in us being friends'

Speaking about her communication with Cam, Lyndall reveals they’ve hardly spoken since the show finished filming late last year.

“I think we exchanged like one message after reunion which was like, ‘Best of luck’,” she recalls. “I said like, ‘Try to stay out of trouble even though I know you won’t’, or something like that just saying I wish him the best.

“And then it wasn't until a little while after that I heard through a friend that he'd gotten into an awful accident where he fell off a roof or something. So I just reached out and I was like, ‘Hey, I heard you got yourself into some trouble, I just hope that you're okay, and actually please rest’ - because he's so bad with that and he does not look after himself ever.


“Apart from that we've sent a few funny messages of captions or whatever that we’ve put out that we thought were funny, but since family day aired we haven't spoken at all.”

Despite their lack of contact, Lyndall hopes that they will both be “civil” with one another if they ever cross paths in the future.

“I think if I was at an event or if I saw him out I would definitely say hi and give him a hug - if he didn't feel it was too unnatural - and then just move on,” she says.

“I’ll always say hi to people, but I'm not really interested in us being friends. I think if we were going to be friends it would have needed to be a lot more respectful.”

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