MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Lyndall speaks out after Cam reveals his final vows

Married At First Sight's Lyndall Grace has responded after Cameron Woods shared his speech on radio.

Married At First Sight’s Lyndall Grace has broken her silence after her ‘husband’ Cameron Woods read out his final vows during a live radio interview on Tuesday.

The couple started off as one of the strongest pairs in the experiment but officially called it quits during Monday night’s episode, where Lyndall spoke her piece and told Cam she didn’t want to hear his speech because it would only hurt her more.

MAFS' Lyndall at final vows.
MAFS’ Lyndall has shared her thoughts on Cam’s final vows. Photo: Channel Nine

Cam ended up revealing his vows on The Kyle & Jackie O Show where he said he didn’t want to “crucify” Lyndall but instead thank her for what she taught him about himself and tell her he wasn’t falling in love with her.

“Throughout this experiment, you have needed more affection, reassurance and emotion from me,” he read out on air. “I’ve taken the time to reflect on why I haven't been able to give you these things, I think these things flow naturally when you're falling in love, which I'm not.”


Now, Lyndall has opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about Cam’s final vows and shared her thoughts on his speech.

“I’ve only heard bits and pieces,” she admits. “I wasn't interested in hearing them six months ago, and I’m still not interested in hearing them now.

“I don't think that they're going to give me any closure, I don't think that they're going to make me feel any better, and I don't think that they could change any of the outcome or perspective that I have. I think Cam has had ample opportunity to say nice things and repeatedly has not.”

The 27-year-old went on to say that she hopes Cam feels better after delivering his speech because she knows how much he wanted to say something on the day.

“So good for him that he got them out there,” she adds. “But yeah, it was everything that I expected it to be anyway, as far as I have heard.”

MAFS' Cam storming off from Lyndall at final vows.
Lyndall admits she was ‘in two minds’ about cutting Cam off at final vows. Photo: Channel Nine

Lyndall reveals why she didn't let Cam speak at final vows

Speaking about her decision to cut Cam off at their final vows and not give him the chance to say anything, Lyndall shares that she was “in two minds” about what she was going to do leading up to the day.

“I do want to be respectful and I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to respond, but on the other hand I was like, this guy's had three months to tell me something nice about me or to say something that would be meaningful,” she says.

“I just essentially got to the point where I feel like every hard conversation we ever had, he would shut it down and walk out. Every opportunity that he had to be honest with me he wasn’t, and then he was honest it was in front of the entire group of people, which was inconsiderate in itself.”

She says she was grateful she finally had an opportunity to tell Cam everything she felt throughout the experiment while he had to stand there and listen and “understand the depth of what I have just been through for him”.

“I was like, this is my moment,” she continues. “I just did not ever think that anything he could have said could have changed my mind or made me feel any better about it. I think it would have just made me upset again, and I really didn't want that moment to be about me being upset again.”

 MAFS' Lyndall squatting on the grass at final vows.
‘I’m so proud of the partner that I've been during this experiment and I know that I'm so capable and deserving of being in a loving relationship.’ Photo: Channel Nine

The final vows moment that wasn’t aired

While she says she felt “amazing” watching the final vows on TV and having a weight lifted off her shoulder, she admits there was one part she’s disappointed didn’t make the cut.

“They didn’t show the whole speech, because with the edit they always want to keep things concise or succinct,” she explains.


“But the one thing that I'm sad they didn't put in is at the end I say something like, ‘I'm an incredible human being, I'm so proud of the partner that I've been during this experiment and I know that I'm so capable and deserving of being in a loving relationship’.

“That was a bit of an ‘I love me’ thing that I was sad they didn't include, but also I don't think it really needed it because that was pretty clear.”

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