MAFS' Caitlin reveals unseen Shannon fight: 'Character assassination'

The Married At First Sight bride opens up about what viewers didn't get to see on TV.

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Married At First Sight’s Caitlin McConville has spoken out about her on-screen husband Shannon Adams’ shocking behaviour after he told her he didn’t find her attractive and blamed her appearance for the fact he hadn’t ended things with his ex.

The 27-year-old makeup artist, who was understandably distraught following the brutal confession, tells Yahoo Lifestyle it felt just as painful watching the scene play out on TV as it did in real life.

MAFS’ Caitlin McConville and Shannon Adams.
MAFS’ Caitlin McConville has spoken out about her partner Shannon Adams. Photos: Channel Nine

“It was horrible,” she shares. “Especially because I had been in a situation where I was dating someone who was seeing their ex behind my back before. So then it all came down tenfold like, has it always been my fault? Have I always just not been enough? Did this happen to me last time because of how I looked?

“It was triggering… I had the shakes!”


Caitlin explains that she felt it was important to confront Shannon about his actions and hold him accountable rather than leave the experiment with no explanation.

“I feel like both on screen and behind the scenes, I was really submissive and I never really backed myself, and I thought if I just packed up and left then he gets away with it,” she says.

“I deserve to be able to back myself here and go in and tell him that what he did wasn’t okay - for myself and for other women out there.”

She continues: “It’s hard when you’re going into a conversation with somebody and they have consistently put you down over the time you've been with them, and then you're going to tell them how you feel and they want to shut that down immediately. I’m trying to tell you how you how I feel, I’m not trying to be your teacher.”

MAFS' Caitlin crying.
Caitlin says it was ‘horrible’ reliving her and Shannon’s fight on-screen. Photos: Channel Nine

The fight that didn’t air on TV

Caitlin says that while the show aired a majority of her and Shannon’s storyline on TV, there was one major moment that viewers didn’t get to see.

“We did have an argument the weekend before he told me he wasn’t attracted to me,” she details, adding that they filmed it on their personal ‘diary cam’ but it wasn’t shown.

“I just felt like I was putting in the effort and he wasn’t. He pretty much just character-assassinated me and it was the first time he had actually seen me cry.”


Another scene that wasn’t aired was Caitlin’s turn in the photo ranking challenge after Shannon ranked her second but brutally moved her to third place upon further consideration.

“I put him about the same position that he put me,” she reveals.

“I didn't want to be nasty and I didn’t want to retaliate in any way. I feel like the situation was bad enough as it was and I didn't want to do anything that was going to exacerbate it, but I also don’t think he was too happy with where I placed him.”

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