MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Carolina speaks out about 'romance' with Duncan

The Married At First Sight 'villain' has revealed the truth about her relationship with the season 10 groom.

Married At First Sight’s Carolina Santos has broken her silence after photos recently emerged of herself and season 10 groom Duncan James enjoying what appears to be a date in Sydney.

The snaps, which were taken in January shortly after filming wrapped on this year's season, show the pair enjoying an intimate conversation while whispering into each other's ears.

MAFS’ Carolina Santos.
MAFS’ Carolina Santos has revealed what happened the night she met Duncan James. Photo: Yahoo

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the images, Carolina explains that she met Duncan at a club after going out for dinner with her co-star Olivia Frazer and season seven groom Sebastian Guilhaus.

“We got a little drunk and then Olivia and Seb decided to leave so I stayed out with my friend,” she details. “We ended up going to this gay bar on Oxford Street and it was such a vibe, really loud music, and we ran into Duncan.

“It was kind of a club so it was really hard to hear each other and we obviously had to speak into each other’s ears. There’s nothing really more to it.”


The season nine ‘villain’, who split from her partner Daniel Holmes back in August, adds that the 36-year-old “seemed like a really nice guy”.

“We had a little chat about the show and he was just telling me about how things went on his end and I was kind of explaining to him about what happened for me and how it's not exactly what you get to see on TV,” she shares.

“I think we might have messaged here and there afterwards, just like, ‘Oh the show is about to start, hope you’re okay and hope everything goes well for you’, but that was about it. I haven’t spoken to him in over two months.

She continues: “I’m not dating anyone, I’m not seeing anyone and I’m not hooking up with anyone. I’m still single.”

Carolina went on to say that although there isn’t anything romantic going on between herself and Duncan at the moment, she definitely finds him attractive.

“He is hot!” she laughs. “I think Duncan is everyone’s type, isn’t he? I think he’s going to be going through the MAFS hell for quite some time, but Duncan, you can slide into my DMs! I’ll be waiting for your message!

“I think me and all of Australia will be sliding into his DMs.”

MAFS’ Duncan James.
Carolina admits she thinks Duncan is 'hot'. Photo: Channel Nine

'They definitely hooked up'

While Carolina remains coy about what happened between herself and Duncan on the night they met, an onlooker tells Yahoo Lifestyle they saw the pair lock lips at the gay bar.

“They definitely hooked up,” the source claims. “I recognised Carolina that night and saw her hooking up with a handsome man, but didn’t realise until I watched the new season of MAFS that it was Duncan.

“Throughout the night they were dancing, she was sitting on his lap, and they were kissing. They both looked drunk.”

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