MAFS' Selina reveals how she tricked her parents to be on camera

The season nine bride has exposed a major behind-the-scenes secret.

Married At First Sight star Selina Chhaur has pulled back the curtain on the Channel Nine reality show and revealed a major behind-the-scenes secret.

Every season at least one bride or groom is filmed announcing to their parents that they’re getting married, with viewers often left questioning whether or not the surprised reactions are genuine.

MAFS' Selina Chhaur and her parents on the show.
Selina Chhaur has revealed how she got her parents on camera without them knowing what it was for MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

Now, Selina has revealed exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle how she managed to get her parents on camera to tell them the news without knowing they were actually being filmed for MAFS.

“I don’t know what anyone else would’ve told their family, but obviously [the producers] come in, they've got to get the lighting right, they’ve gotta put mics on you,” she explains.

“You don't just come in and start filming. So your family already know something's up, but they don't know what.”


The 34-year-old hairdresser explains that while she wanted to work with producers to get an “authentic” reaction from her family, she didn’t want to disrespect their privacy.

“So we went about it in a way that I was nominated for a hair award and a film crew was going to come and do a documentary about my life and my family and they were going to show a snippet of that before they announced the awards at the awards night,” she details.

“So that's why they allowed the camera crew to come in and they were like, ‘Oh our daughter, we are so proud’. And I was like, ‘Surprise! I’m getting married!’.”

'I got an earful!'

Selina went on to share that her parents’ reaction to the news she was marrying a complete stranger was very different when they weren't being filmed.

“With Asian culture, it’s all face and what you present to the world and what people think of you,” she explains.

“It’s like they seek validation through the acceptance of whatever community you're in.

“So for them, they wanted to come across as loving, caring parents, so obviously they showed themselves in a certain way. I mean, dad was off it from the start as you saw. He was just like, ‘I don't approve of this, it’s totally against our beliefs’. And then mum was obviously a little bit on the conservative side. But as soon as the cameras and everyone left I got an earful!”


Selina’s comments come shortly after season ten bride Sandy Jawanda revealed on the show last week that her traditional Indian parents disapproved of her choice to go on MAFS and refused to be filmed on TV.

“I just felt so bad when mum was like, ‘If she's gonna do this we don't want anything to do with her’,” the 36-year-old said through tears.

“They need to stop caring about what other people think and just let me make my decisions and live my life based on what's good for me.”

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