MAFS' Ella opens up about getting breast implants at 20: 'I love them'

She’s previously opened up about the dramatic hair transformations she’s had in her life, and now Married At First Sight’s Ella Ding has spoken candidly about the cosmetic procedures she’s had done.

Taking to her Instagram on Monday for her very first Q&A, the 28-year-old beautician responded to a follower who asked her if she had breast implants.

MAFS’ Ella Ding posing in a red dress.
MAFS’ Ella Ding has opened up about getting breast implants at 20 years old. Photo: Channel Nine

“Yes, I do have breast implants,” she replied.

“I got my boobs done when I was 20. I wanted them from a really young age. I had like, AA boobs, they never developed and I don’t regret them one bit. I love them.”


In another Instagram Story, Ella shared details about the other “tweaks” she has had done throughout her life.

“I’ve done Botox. Obviously being in the beauty industry I was exposed to all of that like, as soon as I got in there,” she said. “So I’ve done Botox in my forehead, my cheek, my crow’s feet, my chin.

“And yes, I’ve had my lips done as well. So I last had them done about a year ago, and I only ever get 0.3ml. I always get a tiny bit each time because I don’t ever want to go too overboard. But my lips tend to hold the product really well, some people dissolve it a lot faster.”

MAFS’ Ella Ding on her Instagram Story.
Ella revealed that she’s had Botox in her forehead, cheek, crow’s feet and chin. Photos: Instagram/ellamayding

Future TV plans

Elsewhere during the Q&A, the podcast host revealed if she would ever consider returning to reality TV in the future.

“Yes, I would do another reality TV show,” she admitted.

“I loved it. I loved being a part of creating television and learning how it all works. I really enjoyed the process, so yeah, I would do it again.”

She also shared an insight into her current relationship with her TV ‘husband’ Mitchell Eynaud when asked if they have spoken since the show ended earlier this year.

“Yes, Mitchell and I have spoken I think maybe three times, just checked in,” she said. “And we’ll just keep it that way. We’ll keep it at three, I reckon.”

MAFS’ Ella Ding posing in a black dress.
Ella said she would do another reality TV show again because she ‘really enjoyed the process’. Photo: Channel Nine

‘We really have experienced it all’

Ella’s posts come shortly after she launched her podcast Sit With Us with Domenica Calarco, which has already topped the charts and garnered rave reviews from fans online.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the project earlier this month, Ella and Dom said that they’re excited to have their own platform where they can be “uncensored and unfiltered”.

“First and foremost, our goal is engaging with our audience and the incredible people that have followed our journey on MAFS, but also not just following us because we were on this TV show, but following us because they resonated with the people that we really are,” Dom explained.

“Also providing advice,” Ella added. “We feel like both of us individually have lived very eventful lives, which we will share a lot on our podcast so that we can bring people up to speed on who we are and why we are who we are.

“We really have experienced it all, whether it has been marriage, divorce, single for 10 years, dating, f**kboys, disappointment, just all that sort of stuff. It's something that so many of us can relate to and there's just so much more that we want to share.”

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