MAFS' Mitch savagely mocked by rude waiter: 'Washed up celebrity'

Married At First Sight star Mitch Eynaud should not have expected decent customer service when he dined out with a co-star on Tuesday, as he was savagely mocked by a rude waiter.

Mitch and Matt Ridley were out for dinner at Karen's Diner, which is famous for its terrible service, when he was targeted by one of the staff members.

In a video posted to Instagram, the Gold Coast financial planner can be seen enjoying eating some chicken when the waiter shoved a paper bag on his head.

Matt could be heard laughing as he filmed the altercation, saying, "Oh no", and, "What's happening?".

Mitch Eynaud with a paper bag on his head.
Mitch Eynaud was roasted by a waiter at Karen's Diner. Source: Instagram/Matt Ridley

Written on the paper bag placed over Mitch's head were the words, "Loves sloppy seconds", seemingly referring to his rumoured relationship with MAFS co-star Tamara Djordjevic.

The pair is believed to be spending a lot of time together since the show aired, with Mitch's on-screen marriage to Ella Ding and Tamara's relationship with Brent Vitiello both ending.

Last month Tamara broke her silence on the dating rumours, saying they were really good friends.

"And I wanna set the record straight by saying that we actually only became friends months after filming had aired," she said on an Instagram Q&A.

Mitch Eynaud on Married at First Sight.
Mitch is rumoured to be dating co-star Tamara Djordjevic. Source: Channel 9

After the paper bag was placed on Mitch's head, he continued to eat and lick chicken off his fingers before he was told to turn around.

Another savage message had been penned on the back of the bag, which said: "#Washedupcelebrity."

Mitch and Tamara's rumoured affair

After Mitch and Ella split, the TV bride raised the possibility that Tamara and Mitch had been having an affair throughout the show, telling Hit WA with Allan & Carly in early April: “The word is they are together and they have been for a while… The speculation is that it’s been going on for quite a while, potentially even before filming [the reunion].”

Tamara dismissed these claims, stating that she didn’t even talk to Mitch during the show and only became close to him after the show was finished.

Tamara Djordjevic speaking on Instagram.
Tamara Djordjevic rubbished claims she is dating Mitch Eynaud. Source: Instagram/Tamara Djordjevic

Mitch slams MAFS: 'Absolute garbage'

Last month Mitch took to Instagram to slam MAFS as "absolute garbage".

"I only watched about four or five episodes, because it was absolute garbage from the get-go,” he responded.

“I watched our wedding, a couple of episodes of the honeymoon, I think I watched a retreat episode, Dion and Matt's weddings, and our final dates.”

The MAFS co-stars pose together.
Mitchell insists that he and Tamara are just friends. Photo: Channel Nine

Mitch went on to say that there’s “a lot” that viewers didn’t get to see because so much of the experiment never aired on TV.


“They’ve already pre-selected a narrative for every character on there,” he continued.

"You’re filming for 40 hours a week most weeks, and you’re only seeing two or three minutes of each week per person.

“I mean, that final date episode where we finished jet skiing and we were sitting under the hut, that conversation went for an hour or two and you saw 30 seconds of it and I was just sitting there like a mute because they cut all the s**t that I said out. Made me look like an absolute fool.

“But I think all and all, the relationship itself was pretty great. We shared a lot of special times, special experiences. I struggled a bit, but Ella was always there to sort of help me out and coach me through it.”

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