Logies: Real reason why the MAFS cast didn’t attend the main event

They may have turned heads on the red carpet at the Logie Awards this past weekend, but it turns out the Married At First Sight cast wasn't actually invited to sit in the main room for TV’s night of nights.

Instead, the handful of brides and grooms in attendance watched the show from a separate “viewing room” where they had dinner with other Channel Nine talent, including stars from The Block and Travel Guides.

MAFS cast at the Logies.
Domenica Calarco has revealed that the MAFS cast wasn’t actually invited to attend the main Logies ceremony. Photo: Instagram/al.perkinss

Domenica Calarco spoke about the bizarre treatment she and her co-stars received at the Logies during an appearance on Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield on Wednesday.

“So we did the red carpet - Abbie you know, it literally took like an hour and a half to get all the way through,” she began. “They kind of ushered us in this group and then they wouldn’t let us into the actual big room.”


The makeup artist explained that they were only allowed to join the official ceremony when it was time for their category, Most Popular Reality Program, to be announced.

“20 minutes in, they all said to us, ‘Come on guys, we’ve got to go in, we’re going into the main room now’,” she continued. “And then they had a table for us with our names on it, but then we couldn’t stay there!”

Dom, who attended the event alongside Ella Ding, Selina Chhaur, Brent Vitiello, Al Perkins, Jack Millar and Dion Giannarelli, went on to share her prediction as to why they weren’t allowed to spend the entire night in the main room.

“I think maybe ‘cos they were like ‘Oh, the MAFS people are a bit, you know, rowdy. Maybe they would’ve done something’. I don’t know,” she said.

“They really didn’t give me a specific answer [when I asked why], they just said, ‘This is more fun’. That’s how they sold it to us.”

MAFS stars at the Logies.
An industry source has explained that each network ‘is only given a set amount of tickets’ to the Logies. Photo: Supplied

‘Logistical nightmare’

Following Dom’s comments, an insider has told Yahoo Lifestyle the real reason why the reality TV stars weren’t invited into the official Logies ceremony after walking the red carpet.

“Each network is only given a set amount of tickets, and there's a lot of internal politics about who gets one of them,” the industry source explains.

“The stars who don't make the cut then watch on screens in separate rooms, and it's not uncommon for some of the celebrities’ plus ones and partners to have to go back to their hotel rooms and watch alone on TV after posing for pictures.

“The MAFS cast may have been some of the most relevant people at the event last week, generating Nine the most publicity, but realistically they've only been on television for five minutes and the network had a lot of other people to accommodate.

“Throughout the ceremony, there was a lot of reshuffling of seats to bring cast in for key moments when they're to be featured on camera. The whole thing is a logistical nightmare.”

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