MAFS' Ella reveals shock twist about the final dinner party: ‘Pretty rough’

Just when fans thought Married At First Sight couldn’t get any more chaotic, the final dinner party of the experiment erupted into one of the most drama-filled episodes of the season.

As well as plenty of shock confessions and fiery arguments, two participants stormed off from the table after having explosive fights with their partners.

MAFS' Mitchell and Ella.
MAFS’ Ella Ding stormed off after her partner Mitchell Eynaud’s brutal confession at the final dinner party. Photos: Channel Nine

However, fan favourite bride Ella Ding tells Yahoo Lifestyle that there was still plenty of drama that viewers didn’t get to see from the night, which she describes as “a lot more intense” in real life than on screen.

“It's like everything, you don't see the whole thing,” she says. “There was a lot more to it, I definitely cried a lot more.”

While Ella and her partner Mitchell Eynaud had enjoyed a relatively smooth sailing experience in the experiment, tensions reached a boiling point when they were given the honesty box and clashed about the future of their relationship.

“I'm not the sort of person that's going to be out there and say how I feel and be this guy that's all loving and caring and put it all on the table. I'm never going to be that guy,” Mitchell told Ella, who ended up walking off in tears.

MAFS' Ella crying.
Ella says she was ‘crying hysterically’ because she knew that she had pushed Mitchell away by speaking up about her feelings. Photo: Channel Nine

‘He’s quite a unique boy’

Speaking about the incident now, Ella reveals the real reason why she got so emotional and ended up “crying hysterically”.

“I knew that me speaking up about how I really felt would probably push him away and make him run the other way. That’s what I was most upset about,” she explains.

“In the experiment, I really struggled to respect Mitchell's wishes, which was to be private. And I really struggled to be myself and that's where I was caught in the middle of fully being myself and embracing the experiment and bringing the viewers along with me, but also respecting Mitchell’s wishes and not pushing him away.”


“So I was really just stuck in the middle all the time and that was my breaking point. And that's why I guess it tipped me over the edge.”

Ella went on to admit that watching the blow-up on TV provided a “totally new perspective” and had a much greater effect on her than it did in the moment.

“Why would someone say that? Every woman wants a bit of love, everyone wants to hear that their partner loves them,” she continued. “I feel like I asked for the bare minimum but for him, it's too much. He's quite a unique boy.”

MAFS' Ella walking off with Domenica.
Ella reveals that her walk off actually happened at the start of the night rather than the end. Photo: Channel Nine

‘It was pretty s**t’

Although the episode ended with Ella storming off followed by her friend Domenica Calarco, it turns out that the events of the night took place in a completely different order to what was shown on TV.

"This is a big part that the viewers won’t know, but Mitchell and I actually went first with the honesty box,” she reveals.

“If you looked at my face you could tell I’d been crying all night. I looked ridiculous. When I was watching it I was like, ‘Wait what?’. But they obviously saved the worst until last, which made sense because they ended it with me walking out.”

She adds that the producers told her that she had to re-enter the dinner party so the other couples could do their honesty boxes, but the drama between herself and Mitchell continued to escalate throughout the evening.

“Mitchell did not speak a word to me after I cried. So if you go back and re-watch it you’ll see his body language, he doesn't pay any attention to me and I'm just red-faced,” she says.

“And then that night Mitchell actually asked us to be separated. I had no say. In my mind I was like, I want to see him, I want to talk to him, I want to work on it and fix it. But they separated us and that was our last night at Skye Suites, so I spent the last night on my own.

“It was a pretty rough night. Like, I'll be honest, it was pretty s**t.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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