MAFS' Domenica says her family is getting harassed over OnlyFans scandal

She may be hailed as the ‘fan favourite’ bride from this year’s season of Married At First Sight, with her Instagram following currently sitting at 225,000, but Domenica Calarco has revealed that her stint on the reality TV show has resulted in some negative consequences.

While chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle about the harsh backlash that fellow participant Olivia Frazer has received from the public, the 29-year-old shared that her family has also been harassed over the recent OnlyFans scandal.

MAFS' Domenica looking sad.
MAFS’ Domenica has revealed that her family has been harassed while the show is on air. Photo: Channel Nine

“I'm sick of the story of like, ‘Oh Olivia’s feeling so bad’. Well, how about the fact that my dad's getting stopped on the street and people are saying, ‘Oh yeah, how much money does your daughter make on OnlyFans?’,” she said.

“People are screaming at my family saying all of that kind of stuff, let’s talk about that. Because of what she's done to me, I find it very hard to find sympathy towards her.”


Domenica went on to comment on some of Olivia’s recent statements about how she lost her job and she believes that she is “more hated than Vladimir Putin” in Australia right now.

“God, please. The fact that she said that she's more hated than Putin, b***h you're not that important,” she said.

“Seriously, next week people are going to actually forget about you because you were horrible and in their minds, they’re not going to remember you for two seconds. That’s what happens with people who have no morality and no sense of empathy.”

MAFS' Jackson and Olivia looking sad.
Domenica says that the death threats toward Olivia are ‘disgraceful’. Photo: Channel Nine


Despite their feud, however, the makeup artist asserts that she doesn’t agree with the “disgraceful” death threats toward Olivia.

“I think the general public needs to understand that this is a TV show and it is our lives,” she said. “And just because what she's done to me has obviously changed my life and caused me a lot of hurt and stress, I'm not going to sit here and say that she deserves that because she definitely does not.

“But really, I want to stay as far away from it as possible. For me, I'm trying to get on with my life. I want to just do me, which is what I've always tried to do.

“She should really take this time to stay at home and really self reflect because I've never met anyone like her and I really hope I never have to meet anyone like her again.”

MAFS' Domenica and Jack.
Domenica describes her MAFS experience as ‘an incredible journey’ that she’ll never forget. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Whole new world’

As MAFS comes to an end and Domenica leaves the show with her partner Jack Millar, her best friend Ella Ding, and almost a quarter of a million Instagram followers - the most out of any of this year’s cast members - she is thrilled to explore the next chapter in her life.

“It's a whole new world, I guess,” she remarked. “Obviously I was in the beauty and makeup world prior to going on to MAFS and I think if this does open doors for me, why wouldn't I take it? But as of right now, I'm really enjoying this moment.

“As much as all this crap’s come out and there have been tough times, I can really look back on this experience as just an incredible journey that I'll never forget.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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