MAFS viewers spot hilarious editing fail during commitment ceremony

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Did you spot the editing fail during the commitment ceremony? Photo: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight fans have spotted an hilarious editing fail during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, joking about the fact participants of the social experiment end up filming for hours for each episode.

As couples came together for what promised to be an interesting commitment ceremony, and a first for intruder couples Lizzie and Seb and KC and Drew, fans noticed something happen to Steve’s beard as the camera flashed between him and contestants on the couch.

“When the commitment ceremony is so long Steve grows a beard while sat on the sofa,” MAFS funny posted on Instagram.

“This was next level bad,” the page added in the caption, asking fans whether or not they spotted the magically growing and disappearing beard.

Steve went from having a beard to briefly losing his facial hair during the episode. Photo: Instagram/MAFS funny

Some fans admitted they hadn’t even noticed the minor glitch, but shared their amusement on the post.

”Damn can grow a beard faster in one night than I can grow in 6 months,” one person quipped.

“The whole show is an editing fail,” another added.

While a third wondered: “Big fail! Guessing she actually said no then changed her mind so they reshot??”

MAFS bride Connie was grilled this morning on Hit Radio with Jason ‘Bodge’ Bodger and Krysti Dixon, who asked her about Steve’s beard disappearing.

“I’ve seen a few of those [editing fails] myself,” she said, adding that sometimes filming for the commitment ceremonies “felt like weeks”.

When quizzed about whether or not the filming does actually go over a few days, she replied slyly: “It does seem like that doesn’t it.”

Married at First Sight is currently one of Australia’s biggest rating shows, but with the amount of drama, explosive arguments, and participants to cover, it’s no surprise the occasional editing fail slips through the cracks.

Last week one editing fail took a little bit of the ‘spicy’ out of MAFS pair Cathy and Josh’s Mexican date.

Cathy’s margarita seemed to be changing colour and levels of emptiness throughout the entire scene, but it was Josh’s cocktail that pulled a complete disappearing act, after he decided to try one of the chillies from the garnish.

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