Editing fail spoils 'spicy' MAFS date

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Cathy and Josh went on a fun date. Photo: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight is currently one of Australia’s biggest rating shows, but with the amount of drama, explosive arguments, and participants to cover, it’s no surprise the occasional editing fail slips through the cracks.

The latest oversight involves the case of the disappearing cocktail glass, which takes a little bit of the ‘spicy’ out of MAFS pair Cathy and Josh’s Mexican date during Tuesday night’s episode.

Josh decides to take Cathy out on a fun date, kicking things off with some trampolining, before they end up enjoying a cocktail or three at a Mexican restaurant in Sydney.

And while even Cathy’s margarita seems to be changing colour and levels of emptiness throughout the entire scene, it’s Josh’s cocktail that pulls a complete disappearing act, after he decides to try one of the chillies from the garnish.

“It’s sweet chilli,” Cathy quips, before Josh proceeds to pop the entire chilli into his mouth.

Josh contemplates eating the chilli. Photo: Channel Nine

Josh is then apparently shocked by how hot the chilli actually is, leaving Cathy in a fit of laughter,

However, throughout the exchange as camera shots cut between a giggling Cathy and a supposed struggling Josh, his cocktail glass goes from being on the table, to neither of them having a drink yet, to the cocktails reappearing.

Suddenly his cocktail has disappeared as he continues to supposedly struggle from eating the chilli. Photo: Channel Nine

Leaving us to wonder whether Josh a) really did eat an entire chilli or not, or b) whether he actually thought it wasn’t hot at all which wouldn’t have been anywhere near as amusing for viewers.

If you missed the minor glitch in proceedings you can check it out below:

And it’s not the first time a moment between Cathy and Josh has been ‘interrupted’ by an editing fail.

Dubbed the ponytail fail, eagle-eyed viewers called out a raunchy scene during the couple’s first week on the social experiment.

Eagled-eyed fans pointed out Cathy’s hair was magically changing from dry to wet throughout the sequence, indicating the steamy entrance into the spa may have called for more than one take.

“How many times did they make Cathy walk seductively into the spa, how's that dry hair to wet hair to dry hair ratio,” Punkee editor Tahlia Pritchard wrote on Twitter at the time.

The next week MAFS fans were again out in force troll a cringe-worthy fail during another of Cathy and Josh’s ‘raunchy’ scenes.

In a very intimate scene, Josh romanced Cathy with a bedtime serenade but some were distracted by a wonky photo that stole the limelight.

As one fan put it, once spotted you ‘can’t unsee’ the wonky frame and any romantic moments were seriously derailed.

“Surely there aren’t budget cuts on Australia’s highest-rated show from last year that would let them f**k up this bad,” the keen fan wrote alongside a screenshot of the frame.

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