MAFS cast clash at messy boxing match reunion: ‘Pure chaos’

Following months of brutal smack talk and intense training, Married At First Sight stars Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes finally faced off in the ring at the Team Ellis celebrity boxing match in Melbourne on Saturday evening.

And while the fight itself was deemed by onlookers as “underwhelming”, with the TV rivals going at it for three one-minute rounds with no knockout until the judges declared Daniel as the winner in a split decision, it seems as though most of the night’s drama happened in the crowd.

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello.
MAFS’ Daniel Holmes won his fight against Brent Vitiello. Photos: Matrix/Supplied

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that multiple MAFS contestants clashed throughout the evening, which was full of awkward reunions and messy drama as they came together to support their co-stars.


An onlooker tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “It was pure chaos and one contestant was vomiting in the street before even going into the venue after drinking all afternoon.”

MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw.
Tamara Djordjevic told Kate Laidlaw to ‘f**k off’ when she tried to sit down at their table. Photos: Supplied

Tamara’s outburst

Tamara Djordjevic was left furious within seconds of arriving with Olivia Frazer, Carolina Santos and Jessica Seracino after spotting co-star Kate Laidlaw alongside them.

“F**k off, go back to your own f**king table,” Tamara raged as Kate and her twin sister Bec went to sit down with the girls.

It is believed the girls fell out after Kate previously spoke to the media about Tamara following a wild girls’ night out.

The feud divided the cast with Tamara then refusing to pose for a group picture if Kate was in it, and then storming off from all of the girls and ranting at a table with her management.

When asked what happened between them, Kate, who admitted she was “upset” and “wanted to go home”, told Yahoo Lifestyle: “We had a girls weekend where we stopped talking after that. I'd love if we could all be friends.”

MAFS’ Matt Ridley and Kate Laidlaw.
Exes Kate and Matt Ridley had an awkward reunion. Photos: Supplied

Kate’s awkward reunion

After clashing with Tamara, Kate then faced another awkward reunion as her ex-husband from the show, Matt Ridley, approached her.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that this is the first time the pair have come face to face in months after blocking each other on Instagram.

“He had a girlfriend [after the show] and she reached out to me – and he found out that I'd taken her side. We then blocked each other,” Kate explained.

MAFS’ Matt Ridley being kicked out.
Matt was escorted out of the venue by security. Photos: Supplied

Kicked out by security

Matt ended up going a little too hard on the free drinks each table boasted and ended up being asked to leave before any of the big fights had even started.

The reality star stumbled out of the venue at 9pm whilst being escorted by security.

MAFS’ Jack Millar and Olivia Frazer.
Things were tense between Jack Millar and Olivia Frazer. Photos: Matrix/Supplied

Jack and Olivia

Although months have passed since the show ended, Olivia still refuses to speak to her enemy Domenica Calarco’s ex-husband Jack Millar.

Back in April Jack attended Dom's finale viewing event, which was dubbed a ‘we hate Olivia’ party that Olivia is still upset about. Things became uncomfortable at the boxing match as the pair were then set on tables next to each other.

MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic and Brent's girlfriend Taylor Davey.
Tamara and Carolina Santos were the surprise ring girls for the event, leaving Brent’s girlfriend Taylor Davey unimpressed. Photos: Matrix/supplied

Tamara and Carolina’s big surprise

In one of the biggest surprises of the night, Tamara and Carolina entered the ring alongside their exes Daniel and Brent ahead of the fight as surprise ring girls.

The big moment led to boos and gasps from the audience and Brent's girlfriend Taylor Davey, who was sat ringside, looking unimpressed.

“He hasn't even noticed,” Taylor then whispered to her friends, laughing at the fact that Brent was so focused on the fight he hadn't realised Tamara was also in the ring.

MAFS’ Jackson Lonie and Sam Carraro.
MAFS’ Jackson Lonie won his fight against Sam Carraro. Photos: Matrix/Supplied

Crowd boos

The crowd also booed at Daniel following his victory against Brent when he shouted at his opponent: “Doubt me now, doubt me now, doubt me now!”

Brent, however, was more gracious after losing, saying: “I just want to say a big thank you to the charity It's Okay, Not To Be Okay. I did this for us, I did this for you.”

Meanwhile, Jackson Lonie, who knocked his opponent Sam Carraro out in the third round of their boxing match, received plenty of cheers from the crowd after his win.

His ex-girlfriend Olivia applauded Jackson’s success from the audience while standing next to his sister and mum.

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