MAFS' Alana finally confirms what 'ended' her relationship with Jason

Married At First Sight fans were surprised to learn Alana Lister and Jason Engler didn't stay together after filming ended, despite making it to their final vows.

However, it seems as though video of Jason, along with co-stars Georgia Fairweather and Johnny Balbuziente, making fun of bisexual groom Liam Cooper, was the straw that broke the camels back, Alana has confirmed.

Married At First Sight's Alana Lister and Jason Engler
Married At First Sight's Alana Lister has finally confirmed what ended her relationship with Jason Engler. Photo: Nine

In the video, Jason is heard referring to Liam as a "full-blown homosexual" and even body shames him.

"Can I say Georgia's husband, a**, w**ker, I can't remember what his name is - Liam - is 110 per cent and is a w**ker and Georgia is better than him," he says, clearly drunk. "He's ugly, fat, and he is chubby."

"I'm by the pool and just want to say Georgia's husband is full-blown homosexual. He is ugly and chubby and doesn't go to the gym," the reality star continued.


In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, Alana confirmed the controversy surrounding Jason and the video is what lead to their split.

"Well, obviously the controversy was something that ended our relationship, so it impacted me in the way that Jason and I are not together anymore," she explained. "We were never able to get past that controversy.

mafs star alana
Alana revealed the controversy surrounding Jason is what caused their relationship to end. Photo: Nine

"So, it obviously affected me in a big way and it's unfortunate that had to happen, but I know I tried to get through it as much as I could, but we never made it."

The reality star added she was glad it happened sooner rather than later, and that she realised she no longer wanted to be with him early in the relationship.

"It's sad, but those things happen, but just take the positives out of it... You get the information and you just move forward," she said.

Alana shared the pair didn't speak again after filming ended, "Jason and I actually fell out of touch, which is pretty sad.

"Jason kind of has his little Brisbane friend group, I think he's really just in touch with... Johnny, Kerry and Georgia and Jason I think are a tight little friendship group."

Mafs stars alana and booka
While Alana didn't get a relationship out of the show, she did leave with an amazing group of girlfriends like Booka Nile. Photo: Instagram/Alana Lister

Alana went on to say she's not currently seeing anyone, "I'm not even dating anyone, I'm not even talking to anyone. I don't want to make a Bumble account and then have it get [screenshot] and then [an article] will come out and say, 'Alana on dating sites!' So, I've not even tried to get onto the dating scene yet."

Thankfully, Alana doesn't regret her time on the show, with the reality star saying, "No, I don't really regret anything about going on the show, I think it was a tough experience, I didn't realise it would be so tough emotionally... but there's nothing that I look back and be like, 'Damn, why did I go on that show!'"

She added that while she didn't get a relationship out of the show, she did leave with an amazing group of girlfriends including Booka Nile, Beck Zemeck, Belinda Vickers and Beth Moore.

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