MAFS' Beck reveals producers' sneaky tactic in cheating scandal

Married at First Sight's Beck Zemek has revealed she was "fully aware" of the video clip of her 'cheating' on Jake during a visit to Perth, but she had deleted it before handing the phone back to the show's producers.

During an exclusive chat withYahoo Lifestyle on Instagram, Beck, who went home to Perth in the final stages of the social experiment to take care of her sick dog, claims the video had been deleted, but producers found it and edited it to 'make for better TV'.

"So we can record, whenever we want. I had to record all my moments while I was at home," Beck says, adding she was under strict instructions to stay home and not see anyone outside her immediate family during the visit.

"This video obviously happened, I was aware of it. I did delete it on the phone, but then, you know, they can go through everything anyway."


Beck had been given a phone by producers so that if they needed any footage from her time away they could use it. It was during one clip, that was aired at the MAFS reunion, Beck is seen with her dog, talking about Jake when another man, who we don't know the identity of, appears behind her and she seemingly leaps up and gives him a number of kisses.

"They did kind of change the footage into a 'shocking' way for it to look and sound like it was more than what it was as well," Beck tells us, revealing the total recording went for six minutes.

mafs beck zemek
MAFS says she knew the clip was there but deleted it. Photo: Channel Nine

"If they showed all the footage – like when I even saw it, it wasn't what I'd seen, if you know what I mean," she adds.

"It went for six minutes all up because it was still recording so there's more to it, and everyone would have seen the truth and the story within that, but that doesn't make for good TV right?

"So, yeah, there was far less of it shown and edited so it's shorter and, I guess, with some sound effects it allowed it to be more than what what it was."

Beck says the reason she deleted the video was because she thought she would get in trouble from producers because she was asked to not see anyone else while the show was still going.

"I thought, first of all, oh my god, I'm in trouble by the producers, not even Jake, not even my peers," she says.

Those 'sound effects' sounded a lot like 'pashing noises' to the average viewer, even though nothing could be seen on camera.

But Beck says there was definitely no pashing going on.

"It looks like they've edited it together to make it sound like there's something more going on, you can't see anything. Again, it's not pashing, so for anyone that thinks those noises are pashing noises those are far from it."

Yahoo has contacted Channel Nine for comment.

mafs beck
Beck said she deleted the clip because she thought she'd get in trouble from producers. Photo: Channel Nine

During the same interview, Beck also set the record straight, revealing she does believe she cheated on 'husband' Jake Edwards with that kiss.

"I do consider it to an extent cheating," she said.

"But do I think cheating like that is a hard boundary that should end a relationship? No, I don't. It's the same with the Booka kiss, that's not actually what ended our relationship. It's up to anyone to create those boundaries though, if that's a hard boundary for you and you don't want your partner to cross that, you need to make that very clear and assess the situation as it comes.

"In my mind at the time, I didn't even think I was cheating on Jake. If anyone sees it that way, I'm happy to take it on board, but I know I stuck to my happiness and my truth. It's not like I was having a sexual relationship with Jake and had someone on the side. Jake was very aware of how I was feeling about him at that moment."

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