MAFS' Booka targeted by stalkers: 'It’s pretty freaky'

Married At First Sight star Booka Nile’s housemate has claimed the reality star has been targeted by ‘a few stalkers’ since the show went to air.

Speaking to the So Dramatic! podcast, Booka’s bridesmaid, Madeline, revealed they’ve even had to call the police after a man was found "lingering at 10pm" around their house.

Married At First Sight's Booka and James at the dinner party table
MAFS' Booka has reportedely been targeted by stalkers since leaving the show. Photo: Nine

Madeline said it’s been "difficult" since Booka returned from filming the Channel Nine reality show and she was warned that “it’s possible things like that can happen”.


“Men have expressed interest in her, and to Booka everyone is a good friend, as long as you’re a good person, you’re her friend. There’s just a few guys who’ve maybe gotten a bit over excited and the whole MAFS thing has really excited them and then they just have not left her alone and she’s had to block their numbers,” Madeline said.

Booka and Brett on MAFS
Booka is 'married' to Brett on the show. Photo: Nine

She said they had to ask their landlord to put up a fence because they don’t have one and a man keeps coming back with the women catching him ‘lingering at 10pm the other night’ .

Madeline claimed they have had someone who’s even tried to break into their home, however they don’t know whether it’s one of Booka’s ‘stalkers’ or not.

Booka Nile on MAFS
Booka's 'marriage' on MAFS has taken a bit of a nosedive. Photo: Nine

Madeleine said they called the police and reported the incident but she said as soon as they walk outside the man ‘just runs away’.

“We’re moving house soon so we’ll be feeling a lot more secure,” she said.

“Booka got warned that it’s possible things like that can happen because people become invested. She’s had this as a musician, but having people invested in her personal relationships it’s a whole new level. It’s pretty freaky.”

Meanwhile, Booka’s relationship on the show has taken a bit of a downward turn after a brutal letter from Patrick claimed she wasn’t giving 'husband' Brett enough attention.

"That letter highlighted that you think I'm an ugly human being, and all I talk about is how good my band is," Booka said to Brett.

Explaining himself at the dinner party, Patrick said: "What Brett has told me is just all the stuff in the letter."

Booka sat the dinner party table and said: "My marriage is ruined. I'm done, I'm just done.”

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