MAFS’ Al divides viewers with ‘ridiculous’ comment: ‘Is he still 15?’

He’s made history on Married At First Sight as the youngest groom to participate in the experiment, but Al Perkins may have shown his age after making a controversial comment during Wednesday night’s episode.

The 25-year-old carpenter divided fans when he was involved in a candid conversation with fellow grooms Jack Millar and Jackson Lonie about period sex.

MAFS' Al Perkins laughing.
MAFS’ Al Perkins has divided viewers with a controversial remark. Photo: Channel Nine

Jack had organised the catch-up after his wife Domenica Calarco expressed her desire to be intimate with him while she was menstruating.

“This is a little bit weird, but I’ve never slept with someone on their period before,” he admitted to the group.

Al immediately started giggling at the topic before asking for clarification on the situation.


“This is the thing,” Jack explained. “I stopped trying because I wanted to take a step back. I was like, okay, she’s on her period, I’ll give her some space.”

“Yeah, of course, they get moody and sh*t,” Al replied with a straight face.

He then told Jack to simply “get some liquid courage and watch a movie” to resolve the incident, which was laughed off by the other grooms.

MAFS' Al Perkins chatting with fellow grooms Jack Millar and Jackson Lonie.
Al told Jack that ‘liquid courage’ would help solve his issue. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers quickly took to social media following the conversation to call out Al’s remarks, which they believed to be ‘immature’.

“Did Al just giggle like he's 12 at the word ‘period’? Dude, you're a grown man,” one person wrote, while another added, “Of course, Al bursts into laughter. Is he still 15?”.

“His maturity is like an hour old block of cheese,” a third tweeted, followed by someone else who said, “This is seriously ridiculous”.

Others simply questioned why Jack would seek help from the show’s youngest-ever groom in the first place.

“Al is not the man to go for serious advice,” a fan tweeted, with another saying he’s “not mature enough for this conversation”.

“Yes, if there’s anyone that Jack should discuss the finer points of period sex with, it’s Al,” a different user joked.

MAFS' Jack Millar smiling.
Viewers couldn’t understand why Jack asked Al for advice. Photo: Channel Nine

Meanwhile, there were plenty of viewers who called Al an “actual crack up” and said they loved his hilarious insight.

“Al is the greatest TV character, he's the best,” one person said, while someone else wrote, “Al reminds me of Joey from Friends”.

“Al is actually really cute. He saw the issue there as not the bleeding so much as the moodiness,” another laughed.

“They should put Al in every serious conversation from now on,” a fourth suggested.

Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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