MAFS producers forced to stop filming, insider alleges

Martha and Ines on Married at first sight
Last year's drama is nothing compared to the upcoming series of Married at First Sight, an insider says. Photo: Nine

The cheating scandals, wine throwing and name-calling that kept viewers stuck to their seats during last year’s season of Married at First Sight, were just the tip of the iceberg if new rumours are to be believed.

An insider who is apparently well-placed to comment on the upcoming series - which is currently being filmed and due to air in early 2020 - has spilt some serious tea on the on-set shenanigans, and it’s really quite outrageous.

According to the source, who spoke to the Hit Network’s Nick, Jess & Simon, the show was getting so out of control that producers needed to call a break.

“You wonder how loose it got, apparently, they’ve just started filming again after a two-week break because the producers were just like, ‘this is going too far, we need to resettle ourselves, take a two-week filming break and then work out how we can tackle the rest of the season,” the radio hosts relayed.

They went on to speculate about the producers and commented that, “for them to go, ‘guys we need a two-week break,’ means whatever they [the contestants] did must be really bad.”

Wife swap

The source, who spoke to the hosts off-air, also alleged that next year will see even more couple swapping between the singles who are scientifically matched and ‘married at first sight’.

Last season, we saw this happen with Ines and Sam, although their affair didn’t last longer than their marriages, and Jess and Dan, whose relationship imploded shortly after filming wrapped.

And in a more concerning twist, the source claimed that one participant needed to be taken to rehab.

Jess and Dan on Married at first sight
Couple swapping will be on the table again next year. Photo: Nine

“Apparently they’ve needed to check someone in [to a rehab facitlity] because they’ve gone so loose on the show that they were worried about their mental wellbeing,” the hosts repeated.

These are all unverified rumours at this stage, and we all know how something small can be blown out of proportion in reality TV land, but it does make you wonder what will go down when the series returns to our screens.

Meanwhile across the ditch in New Zealand, the Married at First Sight franchise may be dead and gone after reports it will not be renewed following low viewer ratings. The opposite seems to be the case here, with MAFS attracting one of the highest audiences of all Australian-made reality TV shows this year.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Nine for comment.

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