The Block viewers call for 'way overdue' change to the show: 'Pathetic'

Do you agree with these Block viewers?

The Block viewers have taken to social media to share the major change that they want made to the show this year... for it to be cancelled.

Facebook users shared their thoughts on the show, with many calling for it to be axed following one of the most drama-filled seasons of the show last year.

The Block's Scott Cam
The Block viewers have called for a 'way overdue' change to be made to the show, with many saying they will no longer watch it. Photo: Nine

Following reports The Block producers have already had to re-cast a team after they left five weeks into filming, fans of the show shared their thoughts, and they were not positive.

"It's had its day, time to can it," one user said.


"About time it was canned and thrown in the garbage where it belongs," another added.

"Can it, crap show, crap host," a third said. "It's run to a formula these days."

"It appears people don't have enough drama in their lives and need to watch crap on TV to fill the empty space in their lives," a fourth wrote.

Others described it as the "worst show ever", with others saying its axing is "way overdue".

"Drama building...not house building..." one user wrote, with another agreeing, "It's pathetic eh. Should rename the show 'The Drama'... and NOT the The Block."


"The Block just keeps going downhill! How disappointing!" yet another angry fan wrote.

"It's because the producers think we want drama in it, it's about the reno and who makes the best house," someone else said. "When ch9 realises this the ratings will increase."

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