OnlyFans creator rubbishes MAFS stars' claims about huge monthly income

"It doesn't add up, they have nothing to show for it."

Over the last couple of years, appearing on MAFS has seemingly become a stepping stone for some participants to make seriously good money on OnlyFans.

Several former reality stars turned OnlyFans stars have spoken about the huge sums of money they are earning every month by selling explicit content – but one prolific sex worker is now casting doubt on how accurate these figures are.

Jessika Power, Olivia Frazer and Hayley Vernon are all MAFS stars who are now on OnlyFans
Aussie OnlyFans star has slammed claims by MAFS stars that they are earning top dollar on the platform. Photo: Instagram

Gold Coast-based Billie Beever, who won Best Female Porn Star at the recent Australian Adult Industry Choice Awards, believes the majority of Married At First Sight stars are “lying”.

“The more these girls talk about how much they're making, the less true it usually is. Usually just half what they say they're making and that's closer to the truth, then half it again because of tax and OnlyFans' cut,” Billie tells Yahoo Lifestyle.


“I know one girl who said she made $1 million in three months but she's still renting a feral apartment and driving a s**t car. It doesn't add up, they have nothing to show for it. People lie because they know it attracts publicity and then gets them more sales because people will sign up out of curiosity. They'll usually have one good month at the start when they join and then it quickly fizzles out.”

Billie went on to explain that although this is a clever strategy for the reality stars, it's setting a dangerous precedent for younger girls thinking about entering the sex industry.

Billie Beever believes the majority of Married At First Stars are “lying” about their income. Photo: Instagram/billiebeever
Billie Beever believes the majority of Married At First Stars are “lying” about their income. Photo: Instagram/billiebeever

“I've always said it's just giving false hope to girls that think they can sign up [to OnlyFans] and start making like $30,000 a month straight away. They're setting a bad example … not many people actually do get rich off OnlyFans and manage to sustain it," she said.

The award-winning sex worker added: “The girls who are actually making big money there don't talk about it because they've got nothing to prove to anyone. They buy a house or a business and just get on with it. I'll never talk about how much I make, because why would I? Regular people don't go around telling people about their salaries.”

MAFS stars reveal how much they're earning on OnlyFans

It comes after Jessika Power revealed in her 'worst month' she earned $30,000, and in her 'best month' she earned $110,000. The former reality star made a huge $50,000 in her first five days on the platform.

Olivia Frazer, meanwhile, hinted she made $350,000 in her first five months on the website. She had previously revealed she earned a whopping $10,000 in her first 12 hours on the adult subscription-based website, and in an interview with So Dramatic!, the star claimed she had "already made more than Jess Power's best month", which is believed to be $200,000.

Bronte Schofield, who appeared on this year's season of the show, managed to make $100,000 in just three days after she joined OnlyFans.

Ryan Gallagher, who recently welcomed his son Sampson with fiancée Emily Seebohm, told 2Day FM's Hughesy, Ed & Erin that Emily encouraged him to join the platform to make "stupid money".

While he didn't want to tell the hosts exactly how much he was making, he cheekily said, "Well, look, it's between $1 and $50,000 a month," adding he was in the "top three per cent" of creators.

Mishel Karen spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle last year, revealing her biggest month was $48,000, adding, "It's pretty good. It’s not like the other girls but the thing is, I'm double their age and I have a very unique market."

Jessika Power revealed that in her
Jessika Power revealed that in her "worst month" she earned $30,000, and in her "best month" she earned $110,000. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

She went on to admit that OnlyFans isn’t as profitable as some people might think because there are plenty of outlays that come with the job.

“You’ve got to find locations, you’ve got to book AirBnbs. You can't just keep filming at home,” she explained.

“You need to get lighting and pay cameramen, and then you buy all this lingerie. The outfit I'm wearing now, I can't wear it again after doing photoshoots… I’m not complaining, the money is still good, but yeah.”

Hayley Vernon has also made lots of money on the website, revealing to B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt earlier this year that she earned close to $90,000 in her first month, saying, "It was absolute bucketload."

When asked how much effort she put into the content, she said sheepishly, "I want to say that I did heaps of work, but just coming off the back of the show, I don't know, I did nothing pretty much. It was pretty basic content, because everyone wanted to see the girl that was on telly nude! It was crazy!"

Mishel Karen revealed she made $48,000 in her biggest month. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes
Mishel Karen revealed she made $48,000 in her biggest month. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

"I didn't even get nude," she added. "I think they were like bikini photos, and it was more the inquisitiveness of the experience that got people buying in."

She explained that she shares new content once a week, then she spends two or three hours a day chatting with her subscribers, and then she spends the rest of her time creating content, advertising and creating TikTok content.


"There's a lot of work that goes into it to keep your subscription base up and also the money," Hayley said, adding she essentially runs a production company behind the scenes.

She added that she's using her money wisely and is investing and setting herself up for the long term.

"A lot of young girls hear people like me on the radio and they’re like this is good I want to be earning the big bucks and I’m like – a lot of girls don’t," she said. "I'm the one per cent that does and I've come off a national TV show, so you really need to take that into consideration before you make such a big choice that can impact every aspect of your life."

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