Ryan Gallagher gushes about being a first-time dad: 'I love it'

The former MAFS star has opened up about how he and fiancée Emily Seebohm are navigating parenthood.

Reality TV star and comedian Ryan Gallagher has spoken for the first time about life as a first-time dad and how he and his partner Emily Seebohm are navigating their relationship as new parents after a whirlwind romance.

Ryan and Emily met on the 2022 season of The Challenge, before becoming engaged earlier this year and announcing they were expecting their first baby in July.

Emily gave birth to their son Sampson in September, and the two have kept things pretty quiet since then as they adjust to life with a new baby.

Now Ryan has spoken to 9Honey Parenting about being a first-time parent, saying he was so excited when he found out Emily was pregnant.

Ryan Gallagher with son Sampson, Ryan Gallagher with Emily Seebohm
Ryan and Emily welcomed baby Sampson into the world in September. Photo:

"I was just so excited! Not one bit of me wasn't ready to be a dad, I've always wanted a bubba and couldn't have been more happy he was coming," he said.


Ryan said watching Emily give birth gave him a newfound appreciation for his partner (and women).

"Being in that room, witnessing that birth gave me a whole new appreciation for women, holy s*** it blew me away, incredible!" he shared.

"It still hasn't sunk it yet," Ryan said on fatherhood.

"I do find myself, where I can't wait to get home from my work day to my little family. That feeling I've never had before and I love it."

He also spoke about being more than happy to take up his share of the parenting duties, after being asked how he goes changing nappies.

"Piece of cake! No problem here with any of that, I'm from a farm, I've seen and smelt way worse," he joked.


He was quick to give credit, though, to his fiancée Emily for taking on the night shifts.

"Sleep has definitely decreased but Emily does most of the hard yards at night time, I'm very appreciative of that, she's bloody amazing," he said.

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