MAFS star Jessika Power reveals huge OnlyFans earnings: 'Mad'

Married at First Sight and OnlyFans star Jessika Power has revealed just how much she earns on the adult subscription-based platform. The 30-year-old is one of the most successful reality stars to launch an OnlyFans account, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in her best month.

Speaking on the Playtime podcast, Jessika was asked to reveal what she made during her worst month on the platform as well as her highest-performing month.

"My worst month is $30,000," the star said, shocking hosts with her eye-watering salary.

"And my best month is like $110,000."

The hosts were visibly shocked by her whopping earnings, with one saying: "F***ing hell, that's mad."

Jessika Power has earned $110,000 in her best month on OnlyFans. Source: Instagram/@jessika_power
Jessika Power has earned $110,000 in her best month on OnlyFans. Source: Instagram/@jessika_power

Jessika, who starred in MAFS in 2019, joined OnlyFans in August 2021 and made a whopping $50,000 in her first five days on the platform. In an interview with The Wash earlier this year, Jessika also revealed the truth behind her success on the adult site.

"I'm not showing anything that I'm not comfortable with showing, and that’s my biggest thing. If anyone wants to do OnlyFans, I'm not going to push them and say, ‘Do it because it's great money’. Do it if you want to do it, and do what you feel comfortable with," she said.

“I only have to sell myself with what I feel comfortable with. I do topless, I do below the waist, but it's implied - you never get to see anything properly - and I do my ass, because I have a great ass.”


Jessika was also asked about why she decided to join OnlyFans when she previously said she wouldn’t over the fear of her future children finding her content on the internet.

“Back then I'd just come off MAFS, I was being hated on, my every single breath was criticised, and I didn't feel confident back then,” she explains.

“But now, I think everyone can see that I'm a different Jess. I'm happy, vibrant, confident, and secure in myself. I'm happy enough to do this now, earn the money and invest it in the right places.

“And then when children do come, yeah it's going to be on the internet and they might see it, but what am I going to say? ‘Look at your life!’. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you've got to do.”

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