Home and Away star spotted in massive Hollywood blockbuster: 'I squealed'

The Summer Bay fan favourite surprised Aussie viewers.

L: Tim Franklin and Emily Weir on Home and Away. R: Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy poster
Tim Franklin had a small role in The Fall Guy. Photo: Seven & Universal Pictures

Home and Away has launched some pretty impressive Hollywood careers, with Samara Weaving, Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher getting their start in Summer Bay. Just recently, a fan spotted an ex-Home and Away star in blockbuster movie The Fall Guy.

Tim Franklin, who played Colby Thorne on the soap from 2018 to 2021, had a small speaking role in the film. The cameo was spotted by an eagle-eyed fan who quickly took to social media to share their excitement.

“Squealed in the middle of the cinema when I saw Tim Franklin in the new movie The Fall Guy alongside Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling,” the fan wrote.

He played the role of LA Bro who recognised Ryan’s character Colt Seavers at a valet. “This dude was on a movie I was on,” he said in the film. “He had the most epic fail I’ve ever seen!”

Other Home and Away fans were quick to comment, with one saying: “Watched it and didn’t notice him.”

“I had to look twice but it’s definitely him and I’m so proud of him,” another wrote.


“I watched that and didn’t even know he was in it till now lol,” a third added.

“Oh he was that annoying dude! Didn’t realise,” another admitted.

The Fall Guy was shot in Sydney, so it makes sense that they used Australian actors for the smaller roles. Franklin shared a photo of himself at the Aussie premiere of the movie writing, "So proud to be a part of this epic film. What an action packed meta masterpiece."

Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy
Ryan Gosling stars in The Fall Guy. Photo: Universal Pictures

Since leaving Summer Bay, Tim has continued his acting career. He played Detective McGregor in Last King of the Cross and a riot policeman in The Moth Effect.

He also played the role of Big Tooth in Before Dawn, a WW1 film starring Stephen Peacocke. It was filmed in WA near Esperance. The regional area was transformed into Flanders, Belgium.

Tim Franklin as Colby on Home and Away
Tim Franklin was a a fan favourite on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

Tim shared some snaps from Before Dawn on Instagram in April, saying: “Before Dawn has just hit cinemas Australia-wide!

“Here’s a shot of filthy old me in a trench, holding an invisible icecream and some photos from the carpet. Thanks for a beautiful night Perth.”

His former Home and Away stars shared their support, with Lukas Radovich saying: “Can’t wait to see it Timmy!!”


“Nice one cheese!” added Jake Ryan.

“CONGRATULATIONS! Your headshot from my dream really paid off… I cannot wait to see this!” Sarah Roberts wrote.

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