Home and Away fans are making the same joke about Tane after kidnapping storyline

Sure, Tane's done something bad, but Home and Away fans also want bad things done to them.

As all Home and Away fans know, drama never dies in Summer Bay, and while we may have had a romantic moment this week with Leah and Justin's wedding, not everyone gets happy endings.

The show is teasing tonight's episode featuring Tane Parata's (Ethan Browne) storyline of kidnapping baby Maia from the hospital — an abandoned child he found in the sand dunes of the Bay and immediately bonded with. Tane started exploring fostering options but found his lack of Australian residency prevented him from being able to foster the baby.

In another dramatic twist, an AVO was taken out on Tane after an altercation with a nosy journalist, meaning Tane couldn't visit the hospital to say goodbye to baby Maia when a new foster family was found for her, which led to nurse Dana sneaking him into the hospital to say goodbye. When Dana left Tane alone with the baby, you got it... he whisked her away into the night.

It appears karma is about to catch up with Tane in tonight's episode, with the show teasing a 'Breaking News' post on Instagram, showing Tane's illegal actions... except Home and Away fans can't help but make the same joke over and over.

Tane's kidnapping storyline home and away
Tane's been a bit naughty. Photo: Seven


Tane's kidnapping storyline turns thirsty

It's not breaking news that Tane, or rather actor Ethan Browne, is an extremely good-looking man. So while his actions of kidnapping baby Maia may be very illegal, many Home and Away fans really... don't mind.

In fact, they're probably quite happy for Tane to do illegal things to them too.

With the show's "news update" saying the kidnapper had been identified and urging Summer Bay residents to call Yabbie Creek police station, the Instagram comment section is a different story.

Tane and baby Maia on Home and Away
Tane formed a fast bond with baby Maia after finding her in the Summer Bay sand dunes. Photo: Seven

"That’s one handsome kidnapper," one person said. "Tane can kidnap me anytime, lol" another person commented, with someone else agreeing, "Wish Tane would kidnap me!"


"I hope it ends in him asking to marry me, haha," another thirsty fan said. "Cute and naughty," someone else commented.

Other than being hot for Tane, some fans are begging for the poor man to get some good news in his life, after his breakup with Felicity and now his potential breakdown and probably jail time.

"Poor Tane.... give this guy a good ending," one person pleaded. "I hate that they have done this to him he deserved so much more," another agreed.

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