Home and Away fans slam missing details in Leah and Justin's wedding

Not all Home and Away fans were left happy with Leah and Justin's much-anticipated wedding day.

It was a big moment for Home and Away fans last night as fan favourite Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) walked down the aisle for the fourth time to marry Justin Morgan (James Stewart).

It was a day that not every fan believed would happen, as the couple faced many challenges along the way — initially Leah was not that keen to get married again (given at least 50% of her husbands have died, fair enough) and then the pair faced a kidnapping ordeal which led to Leah having a mental breakdown and thinking Justin had teamed up with the cult that had tried to destroy their lives. Leah then pulled a knife on Justin at some stage, before receiving help in a treatment centre.

With all of this now behind them, you'd be forgiven for thinking the wedding episode could play out dramatically. Thankfully, Leah and Justin managed to exchange vows without a car crash, explosion, or Summer Bay stalker brandishing a gun, but not all Home and Away fans were left happy with how the wedding played out, calling out some details of the big episode.

Leah Patterson-Baker gets married to Justin Morgan
Leah ties the knot for the fourth time. Photo: Seven

Home and Away fans call out missing details in Leah and Justin's wedding: 'Beautiful wedding, but...'

"It was a beautiful wedding, just wish they had more of the cast attend the wedding than all the extras we have never seen," one person pointed out.


"There was a lot who were not at the wedding, Bree, Levi, Mac, Flick, Tane, the two sisters..." another fan rattled off, naming many missing main characters.

"Lovely wedding! Where were Cash, Flick, and Mac?" someone else asked.

Others pointed out that we never saw the couple exchange rings.

"There was no exchanging of rings," someone said. "I was waiting for the ring exchange....didn't happen," another person said.

Leah and Justin kidnapped on home and away
Leah and Justin had a traumatic kidnapping experience during last year's Home and Away season. Photo: Seven

Now, Home and Away fans are living in fear for what this means for Justin...

"Tonight was beautiful, but then I’m thinking how sad it’s going to be sometime soon all of Leah’s husbands pass so I feel Justin must be leaving really soon," one person sadly said.


"Does this mean Justin is leaving soon? How long do Leah marriages last?" another questioned.

Time will tell, I guess!

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