Life Uncut's Laura and Brittany reveal 'cruel' book writing process

After 18 months, Life Uncut hosts and former Bachelor stars Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley are finally able to release their book We Love Love, which they describe as the A-Z of love, similar to an encyclopedia, with an essay for each letter.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, the reality stars share that writing the book was a very fun experience when it came to writing about things like nudes and d**k pics. However, some of it was really "tough", with both Laura and Brittany writing about some very emotional moments.

Life Uncut's Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley
Life Uncut's Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley reveal why writing their book We Love Love was 'cruel' and 'tough'. Photo: Instagram/Life Uncut

When Brittany began writing the book, she was the happiest she'd ever been and was blissfully in love with tennis star Jordan Thompson, however, the pair broke up during the writing process, leaving the podcaster heartbroken and having to edit out much of what she'd previously written.

"Yeah, so I started [the book] thinking that I had like, the love of my life, and I was gonna get married and live happily ever after, and that was evident in the pages and the way that I was writing," she shared with us. "It was always a lot of, 'I understand why everything happened to me in the past, because I found this person and this is why,' and then you fast forward a year to 18 months, and I was going through the breakup as I was writing and I had to go back - because you send chapters off as you go - I had to go back and revisit what I had written."


Brittany adds that she had "forgotten" a lot of what she'd written, saying, "It was really tough to go back and read that, at one point, not that long ago, life was very different."

She also admits that while she tried really hard to move on from the breakup, she had to "revisit" it and consequently rewrite a lot of the book as it no longer made sense.

"I had to write a lot of things in past tense and how I almost found the love of my life," she adds. "I would not say it was cathartic for me at all, I would just say it brought up a lot of stuff again. But it's part of life, it's part of the roller coaster."

Brittany and Laura
Laura described the situation as "cruel" for Brittany as she had to re-live her whole relationship. Photo: Instagram/Life Uncut

Brittany shares that she learned a lot from it, "I don't have any regrets about it, but it was definitely a very trying process and very hard to – you know, I was writing the breakup chapter in a breakup, so that was not expected.

"That was not the plan, the plan was supposed to be, 'I've been through breakups in the past, but look at me now!' And now I'm like [imitates crying], 'Look at me now.'"

Laura adds, "It was kind of like a cruel process for Britt as well, think about being the happiest you've ever been and then writing that down in a diary and then going through a breakup and then being forced to go back and read every single thing that you've written about how happy you are."

"Like, 'I'm in love,' cross it out, 'Was in love,'" Brittany adds.

"It just kind of threw her back into like, well, this is what you were happy about, but now you don't have that," Laura says.

Speaking about her own experience with writing about some of the heavier topics, Laura shares, "For me, my experience is a little bit different in terms of some of the more deep and heavy things that I've written about are from many years ago."

Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley
Laura admitted that for her, anything that was quite a serious topic to cover, she'd had plenty of time to process it, so it wasn't as hard for her as it was for Britt. Photo: Instagram/Laura Byrne

"I mean, my childhood stuff was almost three decades ago, so for me, I have very much worked through my junk and it was more important to kind of explain why things were important to me," she adds.

Laura adds that there is a lot of content in the book that she has never shared in the podcast because she's often worried that there will be a soundbite taken out of context.

"My fear has always been that we speak so much on the podcast and very often things that we've said, a little quip or soundbite, has been taken out of context, been repurposed into a news article because it makes for a great headline, but the context of what I've said has been changed," she says.

"Because you all know that once you take away tone, once you take away the full conversation, you can kind of create a storyline that may not have even been based in what the original conversation was. So, writing it in the book meant I could be really purposeful with the words I was using and it couldn't be misinterpreted, it's there for anyone who wants to read it, and that's exactly how I meant it to be, so there was a lot of confidence that came from that as well."

We Love Love is available to purchase now!

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