Bachelor's Laura Byrne laughs off embarrassing Instagram fail: 'Owning it'

Laura Byrne has been called out online for a rather embarrassing social media fail while doing a paid sponsorship.

The Bachelor star and podcast host shared an Instagram post on Thursday promoting a chip company alongside a questionable caption that appeared to be copied and pasted.

Laura Byrne.
Laura Byrne has been called out over an awkward social media fail. Photo: Instagram/ladyandacat

While the video was praised for its relatability and humour, featuring Laura putting her kids to sleep early so she could eat her favourite snack in peace, the caption definitely raised a few eyebrows.

“Please see the approved caption below (slight tweaks),” the text opened with.


Laura eventually edited the post to fix her error but it had already been picked up by social media watchdog account Celeb Spellcheck, who shared a screenshot to their 236,000 followers.

“Lady and a Ctrl+C,” they captioned their post, referencing Laura’s social media handle @ladyandacat.

Laura Byrne's Instagram post.
Laura’s post was screenshotted and shared by Celeb Spellcheck. Photo: Instagram/celeb_spellcheck

However, Laura simply laughed off the blunder and left a comment on the screenshot.

“Dead,” she replied next to a laughing emoji. “But also, how f**king good are chips.”

Her response was then applauded by a number of social media users who called her an “absolute champ”.

“I just love that she’s owning it,” one person wrote, followed by another who said, “God you’re a legend”.

“This caption mishap is literally why we love you,” a third shared, while someone else replied, “You’re the f**king best”.

Laura Byrne.
Laura’s fans applauded her for owning the hilarious blunder. Photo: Instagram/ladyandacat

‘We’re too boring!’

Laura’s social media mistake comes shortly after her partner Matty J, who she fell in love with on The Bachelor in 2017, revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that there was almost a reality TV show made about their lives.

“Maybe three years ago we got an offer to do a reality TV show and we said no to it,” he shared. “We just wanted to have a bit of a boring normal life and not mine up our lives too much for content.

“But I don't know, we're too boring! If I had like a comedy sketch show, I would rather do that than a reality TV show. Anything where I can be really stupid and dress up in wigs and moustaches and run around like a silly young man.”

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