Brittany Hockley says Honey Badger 'blamed' her for Bachelor backlash

Brittany Hockley has revealed things haven't been so great between her and Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins since he infamously chose neither of his top two ladies in the 2018 Bachelor finale.

Nick refused to choose Brittany or Sophie Tieman at the end of the show, making it the first time no one was chosen in the history of the franchise.

Brittany Hockley and Nick Cummins
Former Bachelor star Brittany Hockley has revealed Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins blamed her for the backlash he received after the show. Photo: Ten

During an appearance on the Happy Hour podcast, Brittany revealed that Nick "blamed" her for the backlash he received from viewers after he didn't pick a winner.

"He wasn't the greatest to me afterwards," she said. "I think he blamed me a lot for the hate he got from Australia. I don't think he was expecting Australia to hate him so much."


She revealed that she confronted Nick after the show aired to find out why he was seemingly upset with her, only to find out he was supposedly upset with the things she had said to the media – something Brittany hit back at.

"You do so many media interviews after, and he was like, 'It's everything you're saying in the media,' and I was like, "Find me one bad thing I've said, because I've never said a bad thing. I just wouldn't have done it,'" she said.

Honey Badger's Bachelor finale with Brittany Hockley
Apparently, the Honey Badger thought Brittany had been bad-mouthing him to the press and was angry at her. Photo: Ten

She also recalled a party she and Nick both attended about a month after the show finished airing where he saw her waiting alone for her car to leave and he and two girls left the party together, with him telling Brittany, "Have a good night, I know I will!"

While Brittany stressed that he "wasn't doing anything wrong" she said that he could have waited until she left, rather than make a big show about leaving the party for a night with two other women.

Brittany added that even the producers had no idea that Nick was going to dump both women and leave the show solo.

"When it happened, the production went into meltdown," she said. "You could see it on people's faces."

"The way they were acting, it was very obvious that most of them were shocked at what just happened."

She explained that Nick's personal producer was the only person who knew, but he didn't find out until the day of the finale.

Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley
Brittany added that even the producers had no idea that Nick was going to dump both her and Sophie Tieman and leave the show solo. Photo: Ten
Honey Badger and Brittany in the pool
Brittany thought she would be the woman Nick chose as they'd enjoyed a steamy date just hours earlier. Photo: Ten

Brittany admitted to thinking he would choose her as they enjoyed a romantic date just hours before she was dumped.

"I honestly thought it was me at the end with Nick," she said. "I mean, I was still with him the night before, at 1am, on a date, we were in a spa, we were having a great time.

"You get up to record the finale at 8am, so only a few hours earlier. Everything he had said and did made me think it was me."

She also said that she wouldn't have been surprised if Nick only did the show for money and not to find a partner.

"There's a huge chance he went in there knowing he was just gonna f**k around with thirty girls [and] get half a mil," she said.

Nick tried to keep a low profile after the finale aired and left the country to do the Kokoda track.

Last year, he appeared on SAS Australia and ultimately passed the course along with Merrick Watts and AFLW Sabrina Frederick.

Brittany hosts popular podcast Life Uncut, which has recently been picked up by KIIS FM to become a radio show, and has gone on to find love with Aussie tennis star Jordan Thompson.

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