Brittany Hockley on her 'all or nothing' relationship with Jordan Thompson

After going public with her romance with Jordan Thompson in February this year, Brittany Hockley has been very open about the struggles of dating a professional tennis player - such as the fact he's not in one place for very long!

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, the former Bachelor star, who is currently working with Starbucks At Home, joked that she knew Jordan was the right guy for her "because he was the first person that I dated in years that I didn't turn around and run from".

Brittany Hockley and Jordan Thompson
Brittany Hockley has opened up about her relationship with Jordan Thompson, saying they had to be 'all or nothing' immediately. Photo: Instagram/Brittany Hockley

More seriously, she told us, "As cliche as it sounds, it just felt right. My mum always said, 'You'll just know. There is no explaining it,' and she was right. It's just a feeling. It was so easy and effortless. We felt like we had known each other for years, and gosh, all we do is laugh!"

The pair is currently travelling the world, going wherever Jordan has a match with Brittany describing their start as "unusual" as they didn't have much time together in Australia before he was set to leave in March.


"Our first year is really all or nothing!" she explained. "We spent every day for a few months in each other's pockets because we knew we only had a few months together before Jordan left for the year. We then had a few months apart, which was tough.

"Now we have a few months together again, which has been amazing. I was nervous to see him as I didn't know if it would feel different after being away from each other, but it was great. I need not have worried!"

Now that they're overseas together, the pair is able to spend every spare moment together, when they're both not busy working.

Brittany and Jordan at the beach
The pair has been lucky to travel to numerous countries since they were recently reunited. Photo: Instagram/Brittany Hockley

"We spend mornings together, then we both work through the day. We hang out in the evenings if Jordan isn't playing a night match before I have to stay up through the night to work on Australian time! He will go to bed, and I will work till the early hours. So in that sense, we still have our space. Now we are going back to months apart again. It is what it is, and we just need to make the most of it and enjoy our time. I don't take that for granted."

Brittany explained she has no real idea when she will be coming home as it's difficult to fly back into Australia, "Jordan has no idea when he will be able to come back. For me, it will depend on when flights open back up properly and when I am able! That could be relatively soon or may take a while. We are just taking it day by day."

The podcast host also shared her tips for long-distance relationships for all those people who might be separated from their partners at the moment, saying, "Long-distance relationships can be really hard, but they can also be really rewarding!

Brittany and Jordan at Wimbledon
Brittany offered us her tips for both couples in long-distance relationships and those stuck in lockdown together. Photo: Instagram/Brittany Hockley

"I was lucky we were only apart for four months, but the future looks a little more challenging, and we may be apart 6-12 months at a time. Time will tell."

She continued, "Communication is the most important part of any relationship, specifically long-distance, as it is literally all you have. We don't go a day without talking, and it's usually FaceTime as it is so much more personal. Sometimes we cook a meal together, sometimes we Skype and have a coffee together."

And for those in lockdown with their partner, Brittany adds, "I think it is really important to give each other space when possible. Maybe it is a dedicated time of the day where one of the rooms is just for you. Perhaps that is to work; maybe it is to exercise or chill and read a book.

"Having some space and time is so important. And doing little things for each other like making each other coffee in the mornings, cooking a nice meal, maybe setting up a little picnic in the lounge room with a sneaky homemade espresso martini for date night every now and again."

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