Leaked pictures reveal surprising truth about MAFS' Lyndall: 'No interest'

The bride quickly became a fan favourite during the show's 2023 premiere.

MAFS' Lyndall Grace has proven to be a fan favourite on the show so far, with many jokingly tweeting that she and 'husband' Cameron Woods have made them "believe in love again". Lyndall opened up about her battle with cystic fibrosis during Monday night's premiere, sharing that she was nervous to tell her new husband about the disease but had found a new lease on life after being prescribed a new drug that has added decades to her once-short life expectancy.

And it seems fans will continue to love the accountant more and more as the season progresses, with leaked photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle revealing Lyndall is a little different from most brides on the show.

MAFS Lyndall and Cameron
Fans are already loving MAFS' Lyndall and Cameron after the first episode aired on Monday night. Photo: Nine

While other brides live for the drama caused on the show, Lyndall is the complete opposite. During one upcoming dinner party filmed in September, the bride was photographed seemingly removing herself as drama started.


Instead of joining in the arguing, Lyndall was snapped across the room by the window, reading a book, playing with a ball and looking out at the view.

MAFS' Lyndall and Cameron wait to enter dinner party
MAFS fans will soon see that Lyndall is 'unlike the rest of the brides' on the show. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS' Lyndall plays with a ball and reads a book
Instead of joining in the drama, Lyndall was snapped at a dinner party shot in September by the window reading a book, playing with a ball and looking out at the view. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

A show insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle, "Lyndall is unlike the rest of the brides and really went on for the right reasons. She had no interest joining in when everyone was fighting and didn't want to be around the negativity."

MAFS' Lyndall looks out window
Lyndall 'had no interest joining in when everyone was fighting and didn't want to be around the negativity' one insider told us. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Fans share love for Lyndall and Cameron

MAFS fans were quick to share their love for Lyndall and Cameron on Twitter on Monday night with one user writing, "Omg... Cameron & Lyndall. Dammit. Now I’m rooting for them (and simultaneously sobbing)."

"I need Lyndall and Cameron to work," another added.

"We shall riot if Lyndall and Cameron don’t stay this sweet till the end of the series!" a third said.

"I’m emotionally invested in Cameron and Lyndall!" someone else added.


"I want nothing more than Lyndall and Cam to work out. Please MAFS, just one year can we have just one pure relationship," another begged.

Others pointed out that Lyndall has a celebrity doppelgänger, with one user writing, "Lyndall looks and sounds like a Carrie Bickmore clone."

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