MAFS 2023: Everything you need to know about the new season

Meet all the new brides and grooms.

Married At First Sight is finally returning to our screens and it looks to be the most dramatic season yet. Before you invite your BFFs around for a watch party, here's all the must-know goss about this year's season.

The contestants

This season includes 10 brides and 10 grooms, many with their own online followings. Here's what you need to know about each of them.


Alyssa, 35

MAFS contestant Alyssa
MAFS bride Alyssa is an executive assistant from NSW. Source: Supplied

Growing up in Utah, Alyssa was raised a Mormon, and family is a huge part of her life. None more so than her two-year-old son she prioritises over all else – including finding love.


Alyssa has been single for 12 months since her seven-year marriage ended. She finds dating as a single mum extremely hard, especially on dating apps which are overwhelming. Walking down the aisle again, Alyssa is a little more trepidatious but hopeful of finding love once more.

Although Alyssa seems as bubbly and sweet as the Instagram-worthy baked foods she spends hours creating in her kitchen, don’t be mistaken: she admits she can be bossy and digs her heels in even when she knows she’s wrong.

Alyssa believes that her soul mate is out there waiting for her – he just needs to be over six foot tall, and he better cry when she walks down the aisle.

Bronte, 28

Bronte is an online beauty educator from WA. Photo: Supplied

Outspoken, fiery and confident, Bronte loves to love. At 5’3” (160cm) she is a pocket rocket used to getting a lot of attention from men, but constantly finding herself in “situationships” with guys who break her heart.

Too many experiences with hurt and betrayal have left Bronte with trust issues. She admits to letting men walk all over her as they take advantage of her kindness – something her family are constantly on the lookout to protect her from. Putting her faith in the MAFS experts, Bronte hopes she can learn to open her heart again.

Bronte is attracted to the Alpha male and wants someone who can hold a conversation. With a lot of love and affection to give, she wants to spoil her man. Forever the optimist, Bronte believes there must be someone out there for her.

Caitlin, 27

Caitlin is a makeup artist from Queensland. Photo: Supplied

Caitlin is a hopeless romantic. She’s that funny and self-deprecating “relationship girl” who admits to falling very hard, very fast, but always for the worst men.

A makeup artist by day and nightclub host by night, Caitlin is always surrounded by people. However, unlike how her glamorous looks might suggest, she is a true homebody who would much rather hang at home with her cat and play video games with her dad than be out clubbing.

With high standards and unwilling to settle for anything less than she deserves, Caitlin has struggled to find anyone remotely close to her forever person. She’s chosen a solo life after dating too many “douchebags with big egos”, but after two years of no intimacy she’s looking to the experts for an “intervention”.

Claire, 31

Claire is a Kindergarten Assistant from Victoria. Photo: Supplied

Unapologetically loud, direct, vivacious and energetic, Claire was raised in a chaotic Greek household. Her parents are divorced and she is extremely close to her grandparents, who are the result of an arranged marriage. Now she wants to be the one in the third generation to “make it” in love.

A tomboy and car fanatic, she has a classic Holden Kingswood tattooed on her arm and loves all things adventurous, as well as fishing, motorbikes and camping. Despite the tattoos and rock-star vibes, Claire has a softer side and cares deeply for those she loves. Deep-thinking, spiritual and reflective, she loves her crystals and knows her way around an astrology chart.

Claire is not here to date; she is looking for a soul mate she can have kids and grow old with – she’s “all in” when it comes to love. Her ideal man is playful and sexy, someone who can match her passion and love for a deep and meaningful chat.

Janelle, 28

Janelle is a beauty influencer from WA. Photo: Supplied

Direct, self-assured and driven, Janelle grew up in a very strict Singaporean Chinese family with high expectations. She describes her upbringing as tough at times, but Janelle is incredibly close to her two brothers and parents, who are still happily married. It comes as no surprise then that for Janelle her family must love and approve of her partner.

Janelle dates for marriage only, never casually. Managing her auto-immune disease, lupus, means her biological clock ticks louder than for many women nearing thirty, so she feels pressure to have kids sooner than later.

Janelle says she is a handful in relationships. She’s bossy, clingy, short-tempered and “ridiculously picky” when it comes to men, finding any reason for confrontation. Janelle is sick of settling for men who are not good enough for her – she wants to be the one doing the reaching in a relationship for once.

Lyndall, 27

Lyndall is an accountant from WA. Photo: Supplied

Living with cystic fibrosis, Lyndall never thought she'd make it to the age of 30, let alone marriage and children, so she didn’t prioritise any long-term plans. But thanks to new medicine that has dramatically extended her life expectancy and given her the lung capacity of someone without CF, Lyndall has a renewed outlook on finding love.

After living with such major physical restrictions all her life, Lyndall has now become a risk-taker who grabs every moment by the horns and says yes to big life decisions – and her match needs to live his life the same way.

Opinionated and fierce, Lyndall stands up for what she thinks is right and isn’t afraid of confrontation. She will always seek justice, no matter the cost. Lyndall wants to make up for lost time, to experience everything that life and love has to offer... all the things she never thought she could one day enjoy.

Melinda, 32

Melinda is a fashion and beauty CEO from Queensland. Photo: Supplied
Melinda is a fashion and beauty CEO from Queensland. Photo: Supplied

Alpha female Melinda is a confident and sassy businesswoman who doesn’t suffer fools. She is the centre of attention in any room and people can find her looks and intelligence intimidating. But while Melinda has no problems attracting men, the right kind of men always seem to elude her.

Beneath her tough exterior, Melinda is very emotional and admits to picking fights in a relationship when she gets bored or insecure about not being number one. She can “get in her head” about the smallest things and magnify issues – all of which can lead to constant conflict in a relationship, which has driven partners away in the past.

With high expectations and a lot to lose, Melinda wants an ambitious man who is equally business-minded, understands her lifestyle and won’t be clingy – but he must be patient.

Melissa, 41

Melissa is a hairdresser from NSW. Photo: Supplied
Melissa is a hairdresser from NSW. Photo: Supplied

At the age of 41, Melissa believes this is her final shot at looking for real love. While she has no problems meeting men, it’s a long-term relationship she truly craves.

Melissa’s 10-year marriage ended several years ago and she co-parents her son whilst living with her twin sister on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Life as a hairdresser is social and busy, but Melissa is not meeting the man of her dreams at school pickup.

Melissa has a huge heart, and after kissing a lot of frogs she is now looking for Prince Charming – or better yet, Thor! Upbeat, charismatic, cheeky and flirtatious, Melissa is very comfortable with her sexuality and expects her sexy man to keep up with her.

Sandy, 36

Sandy is a dental hygienist from Victoria. Photo: Supplied

In her mid-thirties, Sandy has never been in a serious relationship and has had very little experience with men. Growing up as an Indian woman born in Australia, Sandy’s parents were very strict in upholding the traditional values of Indian culture. She had limited exposure to the opposite sex – she was not allowed to mix with boys and had no male friends. She went to a girls school and studied dental nursing with women.

Sandy struggles with insecurities that come with the lack of dating experience and the fear of being used for “one thing”. Now she wants to fast-track her experience with someone who can respect her boundaries and help her overcome these fears.

With her parents still happily together in an arranged marriage, Sandy believes the MAFS experiment could work for her. She’s trusting the experts to match her with someone compassionate, who she hopes to meet at a beautiful Bollywood wedding.

Tahnee, 27

Tahnee is a PR manager from NSW. Photo: Supplied

Fast-talking, passionate and bubbly, Tahnee goes a million miles an hour, but when it comes to love she’s all out of steam.

A product of her generation, Tahnee is sick of dating apps and the shallow swipe-right culture that results in “situationships” being all about looks and no real connection. Having grown up being the awkward teenager, Tahnee now gets attention from guys, but they’re still not asking her out and she’s left wondering what she’s doing wrong.

She may work in a high-pressure position, but Tahnee is not high maintenance. As the daughter of a Thai mum who cooks her national cuisine daily, the quickest way to Tahnee’s heart is with some Thai cooking – takeaway can suffice – and a simple but thoughtful date.

Proud of her heritage and her professional successes in life, Tahnee is hopeful that the experts can help her tick true love off her bucket list.


Adam, 35

Adam is a business owner from Queensland. Photo: Supplied

Cocky and confident, Adam is a modern-day entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for the next business opportunity – and the next beautiful girl to court. At 35, he’s done with dating apps and wants to find something more meaningful with someone who is ready to settle down.

Born in England with Jamaican West Indian heritage, Adam was adopted by Australian parents who raised him in Queensland. In his twenties he was in a relationship for almost 10 years, and they became engaged before he realised he was too young to settle down. After fine-tuning his dating skills out in the world for many years, Adam now finds dating apps fruitless in the search for new love because he says everyone “just sits behind a keyboard”.

Since calling London home for the past six years, Adam has flown halfway across the world with hopes of finding love Down Under with someone who is as mature, honest and open as he is.

Cameron, 27

Cameron is a carpenter from NT. Photo: Supplied

Aussie larrikin Cameron grew up on a farm in Queensland before moving to Darwin to work as a carpenter in Indigenous communities in the remote Northern Territory.

Down-to-earth, cheeky and laidback, Cam has never had a girlfriend, so being part of the MAFS experiment is far beyond his comfort zone. Although he’s nervous to jump in the deep end with a stranger, he’s doing it with full faith that the experts will find him someone who is open to loving him and his transient lifestyle.

One key moment shaped Cam’s experience with women and left him heartbroken. The girl he started developing true feelings for left him gutted when he brought her flowers in hospital, only to discover that she was with another man. Cam took off for a job “out bush”, far away from civilisation to mend his broken heart, and that routine is now part of his identity. He spends months at a time sometimes as far as 600km from a grocery store – which is not helping his search for love.

Dan, 42

Dan is a digital marketing business owner from Queensland. Photo: Supplied

Career-driven, charming and successful, semi-retired businessman Dan lives an active outdoor lifestyle on the beach at his beloved Gold Coast.

At 42, Dan has been married twice and is the father of a 16-year-old girl who is his world. Dan is looking for someone who is healthy, fit and motivated like himself, who can match his lifestyle, dreams and ambitions.

Born into humble beginnings, Dan has worked hard to reach his level of success and enjoys a very comfortable lifestyle, including driving around in a Porsche 911. The only thing missing from his perfect life is Mrs Right.

Duncan, 36

Duncan is a cyber security sales agent from NSW.

Cue Prince Charming. A chivalrous gentleman who has no trouble meeting women, Duncan finds himself falling quickly into a relationship, only to realise after months have passed that they aren’t compatible.

In a relationship Duncan is “the best friend and the lover”, and he’s searching for a woman with class, emotional intelligence and confidence. Physical attraction is also crucial for Duncan to spark a connection, so he’s hoping the match-up experts get it right.

Duncan’s parents have been married for 44 years, the kind of relationship success he aspires to. Growing up in a close family unit on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with two older sisters means Duncan understands and appreciates women on a deeper level, which has helped his past relationships.

Harrison, 32

Harrison is builder from NSW. Photo: Supplied
Harrison is builder from NSW. Photo: Supplied

With a bone-dry sense of humour that can catch people unaware, Harrison doesn’t take himself too seriously, although he’s serious about finding love.

The single dad of a three-year-old, Harrison is open to having more children with the right woman. But he won’t just settle for anyone – he sets the bar “ridiculously high” to achieve greatness in love. Harrison’s parents have been happily married for 33 years and are the blueprint he wants himself and his future partner to aspire to.

After around two years on the singles circuit, Harrison was dating with no intention of commitment. But now he’s eager to change his ways and settle down with a beautiful woman who shares his zest for life, goals, values and sense of humour.

With a bone-dry sense of humour that can catch people unaware, Harrison doesn’t take himself too seriously, although he’s serious about finding love.

The single dad of a three-year-old, Harrison is open to having more children with the right woman. But he won’t just settle for anyone – he sets the bar “ridiculously high” to achieve greatness in love. Harrison’s parents have been happily married for 33 years and are the blueprint he wants himself and his future partner to aspire to.

After around two years on the singles circuit, Harrison was dating with no intention of commitment. But now he’s eager to change his ways and settle down with a beautiful woman who shares his zest for life, goals, values and sense of humour.

Jesse, 30

Jesse is a marriage celebrant from NSW. Photo: Supplied

Formerly in a heavy metal band, Jesse is a marriage celebrant in Perth who officiates in the style of a rock star. He has done over 500 weddings, and while he thrives in his job, experiencing the constant level of love and commitment leaves him wanting that for himself.

Honest and emotional, Jesse has had two serious relationships which grew from an instant connection, so his expectations to find that spark again are high.

Jesse is extremely fussy when it comes to choosing partners. His list of turnoffs is extensive, with wine snobs, cosmetic enhancements and gym junkies – to name a few – really setting him off. Given Jesse gets “the ick” quickly if his date isn’t perfect, he is seeking the chance to take the plunge in the experiment in the hope that love can flourish regardless.

Josh, 40

Josh is an advertising client director from NSW. Photo: Supplied

The self-proclaimed and self-deprecating “station wagon” of relationships, Josh is stable, dependable and solid as a partner. This loveable single father of two loves Disney – so much so that he named his kids after his favourite characters. Simply put, today he’s looking for his plus-one.

Since his marriage ended, Josh has attempted to navigate a whole new dating game that has evolved dramatically since he was last single. He struggles in the modern world of apps and is coming to terms with ghosting, among other unfortunate side effects.

He misses the small things about being in a relationship, like sharing his day with his partner and having a laugh. Although he says he’s a “yes man” who can become submissive in a relationship, his priority this time around is to establish a solid emotional connection with his partner and find his voice.

Layton, 35

Layton is a biotech CEO from NSW. Photo: Supplied

To call Layton a self-starter is a massive understatement. An entrepreneur since he was 19, Layton has started a number of successful businesses, including his latest project in medicinal cannabis for pets.

While describing himself as motivated and driven in his businesses, Layton is less committed to making love a priority. He struggles to compromise, so more often than not he puts work first. This sees him spending more time in the office, on his computer and in meetings than with a significant other, which takes its toll on relationships.

At 35, Layton is the only single person in his close-knit group of friends, and he’s finally realised that something must change or this will become his reality for life. He’s also close to his parents and wants to be there to care for them as they grow older.

Over the past few years Layton has taken a lot of time considering and re-evaluating what is important in life. He is looking for a woman who shares his work ethic, his sense of determination and drive – ultimately someone to grow his empire with.

Ollie, 26

Ollie is a voiceover artist from WA. Photo: Supplied

Confident, charismatic and mature beyond his years, voice-over artist Ollie literally has the gift of the gab.

Although his age could suggest dating apps are all he knows about finding romantic connection, Ollie is no fan of modern dating and has sworn off swiping for love. He’s had one serious relationship and knows what it’s like to fall in love – he just hopes that next time it’s with ‘The One’.

Having been raised by three women – his mum and two sisters – Ollie is looking for a strong, independent and patient woman who can accept his sometimes lazy and stubborn nature. But don’t get Ollie wrong: there’s a romantic deep down, and he wants to love and be loved.

Equal parts goofy and earnest, Ollie is hard not to love. His candour and wit are often hard to come by, and he’s put full faith in the experts to find him a match as unique and vulnerable as he is.

Shannon, 30

Shannon is a personal trainer from Victoria. Photo: Supplied

At first, with his self-assuredness and jokey attitude, Shannon might appear like your average carefree bachelor – but deep down he’s another sensitive soul who wants to be loved.

With a three-year-old daughter he loves dearly, Shannon was in an on-again-off-again relationship with his ex-partner for many years. Although they share custody, he has ended things with his ex and is ready to move on with someone he can build a future with.

Shannon is sometimes hot-headed and his no-nonsense, say-it-how-it-is attitude can often land him in trouble. But having spent the last year on self-development and reflection, he believes he is now the best version of himself, ready to settle down again with someone who accepts him just as he is.

Where was it filmed and when can we watch it?

Filming started in August last year and like past seasons of the show, the majority of the filming took place in and around Sydney, with the brides' bachelorette party being held at Centennial Park's $15 million The Crossways estate according to Daily Mail.

Two of the weddings were also filmed in Byron Bay, where an ambulance had to be called for one of the guests after a medical incident. "Production paused for one hour to focus on the guest's wellbeing, and they have since made a full recovery," a spokesperson for the production company told Yahoo Lifestyle.


It wouldn't be MAFS if there weren't a few scandals along the way, and this year we won't have to wait long for our first one. According to our source, one groom is "exposed at his wedding for hooking up with another woman hours before walking down the aisle".

"As soon as the groom arrived at the ceremony the maid of honour knew she recognised him from somewhere," an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle. "She couldn't believe it when she eventually realised it was the guy her friend was hooking up with. This all then came out at the wedding leaving the bride humiliated and confused. This season is chaotic from the very start."

What's new?

Veteran relationship experts Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken return, but according to Nine sources, "In a 'brand-new twist to the experiment', the experts will task the couples with a 'never-seen-before element' that thrusts them – and their relationships – into the unknown, with dramatic consequences."

MAFS relationship experts Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken
MAFS relationship experts Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken. Photo: Supplied

"Halfway through the experiment, they introduced one twist that has never been done before, which the couples described as evil. Some participants even threatened to quit and everyone has been sworn to secrecy," a source told Yahoo Lifestyle. What that means, we're not entirely sure, but we're onboard - if you sign up for a reality show, you should know anything can happen.

Married at First Sight can be watched on Channel 9 or streamed via the 9Now app from Monday 30 January at 7.30pm.

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