Woman's Kmart delivery causes outrage online: 'Terrible'

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A woman’s Kmart delivery has sparked a debate online with people calling it ‘terrible’.

Taking to Facebook, the woman uploaded an image of a massive box from the budget retailer, showing it placed on the front seat of her car.

Kmart logo
A shopper's Kmart delivery has sparked a deabte online. Photo: Getty Images

“Prompt delivery today of my small novel in a big box, thanks Kmart,” the woman wrote.

People immediately commented on the post, with one person calling the fact that Kmart had sent one book in such a big package ‘terrible’.


“Happened to me too. I put a big order in last year for my kids birthdays everything arrived but 1 colouring book arrived in 1 box a few days later a box almost the same size with a colouring book in it,” one person said.

Kmart delivery box
She received this massive box for a 'small novel'. Photo: Facebook

Another person uploaded a video showing a huge box in the hallway of their house, writing: “This had one tiny thing in it“.

However, others couldn’t understand why people were getting so fired up by the delivery, saying the box is recyclable so it shouldn’t matter how big it is.

Kmart box for tiny delivery
Another shopper showed her own similar delivery. Photo: Facebook

“It could be that the store was out of small boxes and we do not send books in a satchel as the books can be damaged. Boxes are best for most items and a strict rule of Kmarts packing integrity of items,” a woman commented.

When one woman complained saying she had received a huge box for three packets of stickers, a person replied saying: “Imagine if said stickers came all crumpled and unusable then everyone be complaining how terrible that is. They can't win.”

Another person said: “Sometimes the full order cannot be fulfilled at the store. Any item not picked will then go to another store then picked, packed and sent.”

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