Kmart delivery fail baffles shopper: 'Something's wrong'

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A Kmart shopper was left baffled after receiving an unusual-looking delivery from the discount retailer.

The woman took to Facebook to share a snap of the item in question — a grey table lamp — that doesn't appear odd at first glance.

A grey Kmart lamp with the electrical cord cut off leaving just a stump
A Kmart shopper was left baffled after being delivered an unusual-looking lamp. Photo: Facebook.

'Something is wrong'

That's until you look a bit closer and realise that a crucial part of the lamp is missing entirely: the electrical cord.

It looks as though the entire cord and plug had been snipped off the bottom of the ceramic lamp base, leaving just a small stump behind.

Needless to say, the fact that the lamp's little 'haircut' left it completely unusable was concerning to the shopper.

"Something is wrong here," she captioned her photo.


The $10 Ceramic Base Table Lamp as it appears on the Kmart website
The $10 Ceramic Base Table Lamp as it appears on the Kmart website. Photo: Kmart

'How on earth?'

The woman's fellow Facebook users flooded the comments with a variety of messages, from funny responses to more helpful advice.

"Wireless model," joked one.

"Will it accept batteries? Lol," another added.

"It's to save on power lol," wrote a third.

Several Facebook users pointed out that the lamp the woman had delivered may have been an in-store display model or a faulty item that had been returned. In both instances, it appears that the electrical cords are typically removed.

"Either it is from the display. Or a warranty return, it is common for cheap warranty items to have the cord cut before being thrown away," they explained.

Others couldn't quite understand how the cordless lamp was sent out in the first place.

"Unless it jumped into the box by itself, how on earth did they not see that!" they wondered.

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