Kmart shoppers declare cleaning gadget a 'game changer'

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Everyone loves a product that makes tough tasks — particularly household chores — a little bit easier, and this popular gadget from Kmart appears to do just that.

The retailer's 'Rechargeable Cleaning Brush' was given an overwhelming seal of approval in a video by the home hack expert behind the TikTok account, @refinedliving.

Kmart's 'Rechargeable Cleaning Brush' packaging
Kmart's 'Rechargeable Cleaning Brush' was given the seal of approval on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/refinedliving.

'Best thing ever'

In the clip, which has been viewed over 40,000 times, the TikTok user demonstrates the brush in action, scrubbing dirty grout on floor tiles and soap scum on taps.

"I got this from Kmart for $30 and it’s the best thing ever," it states in the video's voiceover.

They show how the four interchangeable heads work, including the hard and fine brush heads and the fan-shaped crevice cleaning brush which 'gets into places you can't reach' such as window tracks.

"It got rid of all the mould and limescale.

"It is super powerful and waterproof."


Screenshots from a TikTok video about Kmart's 'Rechargeable Cleaning Brush'
The gadget has four different brush heads for different cleaning tasks. Photo: TikTok/refinedliving.

The TikTok video caused a stir when it was later shared in a Kmart Facebook fan group, with excited shoppers thrilled with what the versatile brush can do. 

"Sold, take my money," joked one in the comments.

"No way, is this going to clean in window tracks? That will be a game changer," added another.

"The window track attachment! Saves the old toothbrush from coming out haha," said a third.

Where to buy?

With such a glowing review, shoppers were keen to get their hands on a brush of their own. The only problem is, the gadget doesn't appear to be for sale on Kmart's website.

"I need one! Anyone seen them in store?? They're not online," asked a Facebook user.

On top of that, there was some confusion as to whether the item was from Kmart in the US.

Screenshots from a TikTok video about Kmart's 'Rechargeable Cleaning Brush'
There was some confusion around where to buy the Kmart item. Photo: TikTok/refinedliving.

It is, however, stocked in selected stores down under, according to the person behind the @refinedliving TikTok account themselves.

"Guys this is Kmart Australia! It very much still exists and is very popular over here," they wrote in the comments when quizzed by followers.

Several fans on Facebook shared the locations where they'd either seen or purchased the brush.

"I got one in Kmart last week," wrote a shopper who said they were from Rockhampton, QLD.

"Paid $40 not $30. It's pretty good. Rechargeable and has a few different heads," they added.

"I got one at Kmart Ellenbrook, WA, this week for $29. Haven't used it yet but looks good," reported a WA-based shopper.

"Saw it in Kmart Keilor Downs [in north-west Melbourne] today," added a third.

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