$1 Kmart toy banned by TikTok for breaching 'nudity' rules

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A Kmart fan has taken to TikTok to share a hilarious video after discovering a children's toy that could appear to be X-rated.

TikToker @tajsc008y shared a video of a $1 wooden eggplant toy amongst other vegetable toys designed for children, but it was taken down for breaching the app's "adult nudity" rules.

Kmart eggplant toy
An accidentally X-rated Kmart toy has been banned on TikTok after accidentally breaching 'adult nudity' rules on the app. Photo: TikTok/@tajsc008y

In the video, Taja jokes: "Look at Kmart coming in with the realistic sizes, oh look at that."

She also added the hashtags, "#Kmart", "#funsize", "#itsaverage" and "#sizedoesntmatter".

In a second video, she added: "The is literally a kids toy! Not nudity!" after the first video was taken down. It seems the error was quickly fixed, however, and the original video is back up.


Commenters continued on the joke, with one user writing: "Awww, it's my ex, how cute."

"My [girlfriend] got me that as a joke for my birthday," someone else added.

"When you're dirty minded..." another said.

"I'm buying one," someone else wrote.

"I am dead," another added.

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However, many others were left unimpressed by the video.

"It's a kids toy, don't sexualise it," one user wrote.

"Who the fork sexualises a kids toy? Jesus, nothing is going to be safe to play with anymore..." another agreed.

"It's just a vegetable that they can use to play cook, you're just making it dirty," someone else wrote.

It's not the first time a Kmart toy has been mistaken for something a bit more X-rated. 

Earlier this year a mum took to Facebook to share a photo of a questionable-looking kids toy.

Kmart poo toy
An unexpectedly X-rated Kmart kids toy has left shoppers scandalised. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

Called the 'Mushy Poopster dough ball,' the brown, squishy cigar-shaped 'sensory play' toy for toddlers does what it says on the tin: it looks just like a poo. Aside from a pair of cartoon eyes, of course.

Not only does the 'Mushy Poopster' resemble something you'd find in the loo but, according to several Kmart fans, it's also reminiscent of something even more blush-inducing.

One such Kmart fan was mum-of-two Sonia, who just had to share a snap of the head-turning toy on Facebook after her partner compared it to a, well... you can figure it out.

"So I found this stress reliever in Kmart today," Sonia wrote.

"I thought it was a poop but then my partner told me to look at the veins. Once I saw what he saw there was no going back," she added.

Additional reporting by Gillian Wolski.

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