Kmart shoppers go wild over $10 glass mugs: 'I love them'

Home decor lovers are smitten with the nostalgic mugs from Kmart

Kmart has just dropped a seriously stylish and on-trend addition to their homewares lineup and it's causing a social media stir. Get ready to be obsessed with these retro-throwback, double walled glass mugs that have quickly become the coolest cup for your hot bevs.

With their stylish design and affordable price at just $10 for a set of two, the Amber Double Wall Mugs from Kmart have quickly become a hot topic among home decor enthusiasts.

Caption. Photos: Facebook/Kmart
A member of a Kmart decor group sparked excitement by sharing her stunning set of mugs. Photos: Facebook/Kmart

Shared in a Facebook group for fans of the retailer, one woman showed off her own set, brimming with a freshly brewed coffee.


"How stunning are these glass mugs from Kmart," she captioned, alongside a photo of her mugs on the kitchen counter.

The response was immediate, with one person eagerly declaring, "Right then, I'm off to Kmart."

Another member simply stated, "Love them," while a third exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, they are beautiful."

Several group members were curious about their size, saying they have found that double-walled mugs tend to sacrifice internal space.

To alleviate any worries, the original poster reassured everyone by sharing her own experience, stating, "I thought they looked too small, but they fit exactly the same as my other mugs. Perfect."

The Amber Double Wall Coffee Mugs from Kmart, are priced at just $10 for a set of two. Photo: Kmart
The Amber Double Wall Coffee Mugs from Kmart, are priced at just $10 for a set of two. Photo: Kmart

The mugs also stirred up a sense of nostalgia for a few group members, with some reminiscing about similar mugs from their childhood.

"These are a flashback, my parents had mugs like that when I was about 6 or 7," said one group member, with another adding, "Very 70s and 80s."

When questioned about their dishwasher durability, a member who had already bought the mugs assured that they had indeed put them through the dishwasher without encountering any problems. However, it's worth noting that a review on the Kmart website from a registered buyer mentioned experiencing a minor issue after putting them through the dishwasher. They reported that a small amount of water managed to seep between the double-walled layers of the mugs, an issue that was echoed by one of the group members.


Despite this hiccup, the group member went on to say she simply purchased another set, "I love them even if i now just hand wash them."

While excitement surrounded the glass mugs, one group member issued a cautionary note for eager purchasers, revealing, "the glass broke in mine when pouring in boiling water. I loved them too. Be careful though."

The Kmart website does provide specific guidelines to prevent any mishaps, stipulating that users should exercise caution when using metal spoons or ice cubes to avoid fracturing the inner wall of the mugs.

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