Kmart $28 jumper is a must-have winter wardrobe piece: 'Gorgeous'

The versatile knit is being hailed as this season's must-have essential.

Kmart has long been recognised as the go-to destination for affordable and fashionable winter-wear, and their latest release, a $28 basket weave funnel neck jumper, is no exception.

Predictably, this stylish knit has ignited a social media frenzy, with users hailing the jumper as a must-have addition to their winter wardrobes.

Popular TikToker, Katie Williams, recently showcased the Kmart jumper after venturing into the retailer with the hopes of finding some affordable yet high-end-looking gems.

Kmart $28 knit jumper
The $28 Kmart basketweave knit is causing a buzz on social media. Photo: TikTok/lifeofkatiewilliams

Excitedly sharing her experience, she admitted that she had never purchased clothing from the retailer before, but was pleasantly surprised.


"Today I went and had a decent look," she shared with her followers, "And I found a couple of things!"

Katie proudly displayed the gorgeous knit to the camera, praising its quality and appearance.

"It is so nice and thick, comfy, and looks beautiful. And $28, you cannot go wrong," she exclaimed.

Her followers joined in with admiration, with one even comparing it to a similar item they bought at a more expensive price point.

"$28 for that knit... I paid $265 for the same colour at our local clothing boutique," the follower marvelled.

The jumper garnered further praise from others who expressed their love for both its affordable price and stylish appearance.

"I have the jumper and omg I love it!!!" One follower exclaimed.

Another popular TikToker, Olivia Burrows Sutherland, also shared the Kmart knit as an essential piece in her winter capsule wardrobe.

She artfully paired the tan turtle neck with a sleek black satin skirt and trendy boots, creating a chic and sophisticated look.

How to style a Kmart jumper
TikToker Olivia Burrows Sutherland demonstrates the versatility of the Kmart knit across two different looks. Photo: TikTok/@oliviaandliving

Olivia then went on to showcase the knit's versatility by effortlessly transitioning it into a more casual yet fashionable fit. By pairing the jumper with classic blue jeans, she unveiled a relaxed and effortlessly chic styling option for the basket weave knit.

While the majority of feedback was positive, not everyone was convinced of the jumper's quality.

Some expressed scepticism about the material and raised concerns about the overall durability of Kmart's knitwear.

One user cautioned, "I think some items look pretty good on TikTok, but they're copies, and the quality of the material is the worst. Like the first knit, I'm sure it's not wool."

Additionally, there were mixed opinions about the jumper's design. While many praised its appearance, a few criticised the style of the neck and expressed doubt about the garment's longevity.

As one user candidly remarked, "Only looks good for the first wear though... then it goes back to looking cheap."

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