Kmart shopper's tea towel hack baffles Internet: 'Mind-blown'

This idea has been described as "very clever", but at first people had no clue what it was.

Kmart shoppers have been hacking the store's $2 tea towels for some time, making tote bags, zipper pouches and even kids' clothes, but now one woman’s 'genius' trick has left the internet scratching their heads.

Posting her creation to a Facebook group for Kmart fans, the woman showed how she took the tea towels and transformed them into a beautiful microwave "bowl cosy".

Kmart Tea Towel / Bowl Cosy
The group agreed the woman's Kmart hack was clever, but no one quite knew what it was for. Photo: Facebook

"I feel a bit silly lol but what is that used for?" one person asked. "Someone please explain what a microwave bowl holder is?" another begged.


However, it turns out that the unusually shaped fabric bowl actually has a "very clever" purpose. A microwave bowl cosy is simply placed under a bowl in the microwave to stop you from burning your hands when you remove the bowl.


"I'm actually mind-blown," one group member admitted. "That's an amazing idea I really need one now."

"I have to say I learned something today," echoed someone else. "Never knew such a thing as a microwave bowl cosy existed."

Kmart tea towel hack
The Kmart tea towels come in a range of beautiful patterns and colours making them the perfect piece of material for a number of crafty projects. Photo: Kmart

Even the person who posted the hack admitted she'd only discovered them a little while ago. "I only found them a few years ago at a market stall," she said. "Now I use them all the time, so I decided to try to make some and they turned out so well."

How to make them

The crafty Kmart shopper explained that she used a simple pattern off Etsy to construct the "very easy" bowl holder, which requires just two equal-sized squares of material and two pieces of batting the same size. The only thing that was essential was that each of the materials used, including the thread, must be 100% cotton.

kmart tea towel hack
Kmart shoppers have been hacking the store's tea towels for years with some even making cute kids overalls with the fun prints. Photo: Facebook

Needless to say, other Kmart hackers were running out the door after seeing the beauty in the woman's hack. "What a clever idea. Off to Kmart I go," responded one fan of the idea.

"This is a great idea," echoed someone else. "So much better than living dangerously with a tea towel like I do."

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