Aussie's budget kitchen makeover sends DIY fans wild: 'This is epic'

The major transformation has gone viral online.

Budget renovations often require some creative thinking, but one Aussie has taken this to a whole new level.

Taking an ordinary kitchen, she totally transformed it thanks to a colourful “insane” makeover which people are absolutely loving.

Kitchen fabric hack
Her 'fabulous' kitchen is a far cry from the plain white one she had when she first saw her house. Source: TikTok/@jojodoobydoo

Sharing her “funky” kitchen design on TikTok and Facebook, the woman who runs the TikTok JoJo Shabadoo said she knows her home isn’t “everyone’s cup of tea” but wanted to share her renovation ideas and design.

“It brings me joy which is exactly what I want given how many hours I spend in here each day,” she said of her colourful kitchen.

“I’ve used fabric on the cabinets, which is such a budget-friendly and easy way to update the kitchen. The colour and/or design options are endless!”


She’s certainly made good use of her money-saving method, totally transforming all the cupboards in the kitchen by applying material she loves from Spotlight throughout. It's the second time she has attempted to make over her kitchen after first changing her completely white kitchen to a pink and green colour pallet before completely flipping the design on its head.

Her impressive 60s-inspired kitchen includes an eclectic mix of bright pink, purple, yellow and green fabrics across her cupboards, a chalkboard pantry door - especially for her shopping list - two different types of flooring, an impressive collection of indoor plants and a lot of Kmart kitchen hacks scattered throughout.

fabric kitchen hack
This kitchen isn't just about colour, clever Kmart hacks can be seen throughout making it super functional too. Source: Facebook

“I want to be a fly on the wall of your brain! I think you are absolutely fabulous! This is epic!” one impressed person commented.

“Go girl, I think your kitchen is joyous,” added another with a third saying “What a beautiful heart of the home you have created for yourself and your family, very welcoming indeed!”

Another person said it was “so fun” and “nice to see something that is so different”.

Kitchen fabric hack
The incredible transformation of her kitchen sent Facebook into a frenzy with over 2000 people liking her post and more than 600 commenting on her hard work. Source: Facebook.

While many fell in love with all the elements of her kitchen, her fabric design hack really got everyone talking, with hundreds wondering exactly how it’s done.

“More is more I say! Love it! PS dying to know how you did fabric on the cupboards,” one person asked with another saying “Would never have thought to use fabric. Such a fantastic idea!”

The creative woman explained that after choosing her fabric design from Spotlight, she used craft glue Modge Podge to paste it onto her re-surfaced cupboards. She added that the fabric was then sealed to make them easy to wipe clean if needed.

Detailing the process in a TikTok video, she unhinged each cupboard and stripped it back before cutting the fabric to size. She then glued it on the front using Modge Podge and sealed over it. She sanded down all of the edges to avoid fraying material and then cut a hole in the fabric where the handle needed to be before reattaching the cupboard door. Her colourful dishwasher on the other hand was done using stick-on wallpaper.

Kitchen fabric hack
The kitchen is full of clever hacks including a Kmart rattan doll chair turned hanging fruit basket and Kmart bread bins turned into mounted cupboards. Source: Facebook

“What an amazing idea! Love this,” one person said of her fabric hack.

“Dream kitchen! I absolutely LOVE it,” exclaimed another.

Another person described her kitchen vibe as “heaven”.

“It looks like heaven, such a joy to work in such a bright and happy area.”

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