Kmart shopper's 'awesome' Christmas gift using $13 item: 'Very clever'

A creative Kmart shopper has come up with an 'awesome' Christmas gift idea using a pair of unlikely items. She created the simple present by combining Kmart’s set of $13 white pillar candles with a packet of napkins from Woolworths.

The Kmart fan used an iron to ‘stamp’ the design onto her candles, creating a set of truly unique gifts. The best part about her ‘hack’ is that you can choose any type of napkin or even print out personalised designs and photos.

L: Kmart store. R: Iron, candles and napkins
The creative shopper used plain candles from Kmart to create beautiful gifts. Photo: Facebook

The shopper blew people away when she shared the finished product on a popular Facebook group.

“Gotta love turning Kmart items into Xmas gifts,” she wrote in the caption, before adding that the process was 'easier' than it looks.


The shopper explained how she achieved the colourful look, saying that she cut a napkin to fit and then transferred it by using an iron in ‘small, circular movements’.

The key to achieving a clean look is to have the iron on the lowest setting, so the candle doesn’t lose its shape.

L: Plain Kmart candles, R: Candles with napkin wrap
People were amazed by how simple this hack was. Photo: Facebook

“Make sure the edges are melting onto the candle or they may burn if they have no wax on them,” she warned. “I found this craft activity very therapeutic and it slowed my racing brain.”

Other group members were enamoured by the ‘very clever’ idea, and some even offered tips on how to create personalised candles easily.

“You can use a heat gun instead of an iron. Also can stamp onto tissue paper with ink and make your own designs,” one person commented.


“They really are gorgeous I would love to give it a go!” another added.

“You did great! I do these with a heat gun too and print photos onto baking paper,” a third suggested.

“I love this! So much so I ran down to Kmart and Woolies and am doing some right now. Though may need some practice as my napkins aren’t that smooth! Thank you!” wrote another.

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