Kmart unveils $49 dupe of popular $170 item

Kmart has just dropped a new dupe ahead of Christmas that could save shoppers more than $100.

The discount department store has released its own series of coffee table books centred around luxurious destinations like the French Rivera, Palm Springs, The Maldives and Greek Islands.

With their vibrant coloured covers and simple lettering down the side of the book, some shoppers have compared them to the popular Assouline travel coffee table books. Kmart's version will set you back just $49, while the Assouline books retail for around $170.

A Kmart store (left) and the coffee table books stacked up (right).
Kmart has just dropped a $49 dupe of the popular Assouline coffee table books. Source: Kmart

There is currently limited availability of the books online but shoppers who want to get their hands on the product are urged to check their local store.

It comes after Kmart released a dupe of a $999 Hollywood mirror for just $279.

TikTokers had been going wild for Kmart's dupe Hollywood mirrors, which come in both large and small sizes and are perfect for the dressing table.


But as part of its Black Friday sale, Kmart dropped a full-length Hollywood mirror to join the collection.

In another online Australian store, similar mirrors are sold for $999, while others have them priced at $850 and $748.

The mirror is 165cm tall with a width of 55cm. Running vertically down both sides of the mirror are LED light bulbs, similar to the ones seen on mirrors in A-lister's dressing rooms.

"Feel like a superstar as you get ready in front of this Hollywood mirror that is designed with vanity LED lights," Kmart says on its website.

The mirror features 20 Hollywood-style lights that have three colour light settings – cool, warm and natural, which are controlled by a touch sensor switch control.

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