Surprise Kmart item in Aussie mum's Christmas decoration hack

Kmart shoppers across Australia are using pool noodles to create Christmas decor and one of this year's biggest trends is using the surprise DIY item to make stunning table runners.

"Joined the pool noodle trend and created a table runner. All Kmart except the glitter flowers," one mum wrote in a Facebook group for Kmart fans. "I used the $2.50 packs of baubles from Kmart in red, green and gold. I used nine packs in total. It came to about $45," she explained.

Replying to questions about her design, the Kmart customer revealed she used Bobby pins to secure the homemade garland to the pool noodle, and used a curtain rod to stop it from bending.

Kmart pool noodle transformed into Christmas table runner
You'd never guess a Kmart pool noodle was under this festive table runner. Photo: Facebook

Another person asked if she'd cut the pool noodle in half so that it sat flat but the author of the original post revealed she'd actually used baubles to stabilise the runner.


Other Kmart fans shared pictures of their own centrepieces created using the same method, showing off some truly gorgeous Christmas decorations.

Christmas table runners made with Kmart pool noodles
Other Kmart fans shared their interpretations of the DIY trend. Photo: Facebook

Another group member, who also sells her creations, revealed how she created her smaller runners. "I got on the centrepiece band wagon, but didn't use a pool noodle," she wrote in her post. "I used the rolls from wrapping paper and hot glued the flat disc like ornaments along the bottom to stabilise and help it sit flat."

Christmas table runners made from wrapping paper rolls
These smaller creations were made with Christmas wrapping paper rolls. Photo: Facebook

People loved her results. "Absolutely gorgeous," one group member wrote. "OMG I want one! Thank you for the inspiration," commented another.

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