Kmart shoppers label popular Christmas item 'a total failure'

These days, Christmas advent calendars aren't just reserved for chocolate, there's one for every member of the family, with everything from jewellery to cheese and even wine found inside.

So when Kmart launched a budget advent calendar filled with cute Christmas stationery, it quickly flew off the shelves. But despite its popularity, the item has completely divided the internet over one minor yet important detail.

Sharing her experience on Facebook, one shopper said she was less than impressed with the $7 Christmas item. "This advent calendar is a total failure!" the shopper wrote alongside a picture of her purchase. "There are no numbers!! It does not make sense at all when each child decides to open their own calendar."

Kmart Christmas advent calendar
Kmart shoppers noticed a key element missing from the advent calendar. Picture: Facebook

Other Kmart customers also noticed the important detail missing from the Christmas countdown calendar. "I have the same problem," one shopper responded, with another adding, "I know. I just told my daughter to open any one she wants each day."


Filled with 25 different festive stationery items, including a pom pom pen, stackable mini pencils, Christmas erasers and a 30-page notebook, the chocolate-free calendar was snapped up by parents.

'Who cares?'

The numberless calendar quickly sparked an online debate among Kmart customers. While some were also frustrated, others said the lack of numbers didn't make a difference at all. "Why does it matter? Now they will get a surprise as it isn't the same as their sibling. Not a fail at all, boxed unopened is how many sleeps until Christmas," one shopper commented.

"Does it need numbers? Can't each child be creative with what they pick to open on the day? As long as the children have fun with what they open that's all that should matter," another wrote.

Kmart Christmas advent calendar contents
Many said it didn't matter which door was opened on any given day as long as kids had fun. Photo: Kmart

Dozens of Kmart fans agreed, saying their children open every calendar randomly without following the numbers on each door anyway.

Simple solution

Other Kmart customers who had purchased the advent calendar shared how they made it work after realising each door was without a number. "I used a sharpie to write numbers on them all," one person suggested.

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