Kmart shopper's $10 kitchen hack blows minds: 'Genius'

Yet another reason to love the budget retailer.

A Kmart shopper has been praised for her "totally brilliant" hack using a popular kitchen gadget.

The woman demonstrated how she used the retailer's popular Sushi Maker Kit to make something unexpected yet mouth-watering.

"Came up with another use for the sushi maker - cookie dough extruder!" she wrote on Facebook.

Kmart sushi maker with cookie dough log
A Kmart shopper has created perfect cookies with the retailer's sushi maker kit. Photo: Facebook

The $10 sushi maker kit, which can be found in the Kmart kitchen utensils section, promises to produce "perfectly formed sushi rolls every time". Turns out it makes perfect cookie dough logs too.

"Made perfectly round dough logs that I chilled in the fridge before slicing to make my Anzac [biscuits] - all perfectly round and the same size and no hand-shaping!"


She added that the sculpted dough rolls could also be used to freeze for later and that the middle channel piece could be used to create a space to add fillings.

The woman's hack was met with hundreds of comments from fellow Kmart fans who loved her idea, with one dubbing it "literal genius".

"​​That's a hack I can get behind!" one person responded. "Genius! I love it," exclaimed another, while a third added "LOVE IT. Have one of these so will have to give it a try it. Great hack!"

Kmart sushi maker kit with sushi
The popular $10 Kmart kitchen gadget has been flying off shelves since it was released in July last year. Photo: Kmart

Explaining her cooking method, the author of the original post said she simply followed the "easy" sushi-making instructions but used cookie dough.

"Pack each side with cookie dough, fill up both sides, place the pusher piece in the slot, and close with hinge, pack more dough in the open end and once full, twist the extruder piece until you can push the rest through. Comes out easily in one log," she wrote.

Anzac cookies made with Kmart sushi maker
No hand-rolling was required for this Anzac cookies. Photo: Facebook

Others said they'd also used the Kmart Sushi Maker Kit for more than just sushi. "You can even use sausage roll mince in it, to make homemade sausage rolls," one person suggested. "Works great for bliss ball mix also," added another.

The kitchen gadget has been labelled a "total game changer" on TikTok and has previously sold out. It's also fetched dozens of positive reviews on the Kmart website, averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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