Mum wows with simple Kmart toy storage hack: 'Awesome idea'

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Ask any parent which room is the hardest to keep clean and the likely answer will be the toy room.

While it's a place where messy play is okay, one mum has come up with a way to at least offer a much easier way to keep it tidy thanks to her storage solution.

Using two of the Kmart four-tub kid’s storage units and a plank of timber from Bunnings, she was able to create the perfect toy storage station for her kids. And the best part is it can be pulled apart, just as easily as it was put together.

Kmart toy storage hack
With just two units and one piece of timber from Bunnings the mum was able to create this simple toy storage solution which also doubles as a desk. Source: Facebook

The clever mum said it was exactly what she needed to create extra storage space in her small home.

“Little Kmart storage hack for our small house with no storage! Timber top from Bunnings and chair from IKEA,” she wrote.

“Disclaimer - it only stayed this neat for 2 seconds before Mr Hurricane emptied the drawer.”

How she did it

Explaining exactly how she created the storage space, the mum said she used an 1800mm x 450mm plank of timber across the top of the units, which fits “almost perfectly” with a slight gap at the back - making it perfectly fit with the skirting board.


She added that she held the table top to each of the units using gorilla double-sided tape, which was strong enough to stay in place but can also be dismantled when needed.

Her idea received a whole lot of love online with hundreds of others saying her little hack would have a big impact on the heavily used space.

“This is an awesome idea. Totally agree with it staying tidy for 5 minutes. Our toy room is nice and tidy til the grandkids come and yep out come the drawers. But I love it,” one person commented.

Kmart toy storage hack
The Kmart storage unit is a dupe of the popular IKEA TROFAST range, and has been extremely popular since being released at Kmart in 2020. Source: Kmart

“Love it! Looks good if only for 5 minutes,” added another, while another person said “This is amazing! Great idea, it looks so good.”

Meanwhile, other mums said they were keen to copy the idea because it wasn’t a permanent fixture in the house.

“It's rental friendly option - love it,” pointed out another.

There's one problem

But there’s one problem with the hack, the toy storage units - which are a dupe of the popular IKEA TROFAST units - have been so popular, they have been unavailable to some customers for weeks.

“These storage units have been unavailable for at least four months at my local Kmart,” one person said.

“Did you purchase these storage units recently? Maybe there is hope they are coming back soon.”

Despite the small setback, some shoppers said they were able to get their hands on them while others said they could also be picked up from IKEA.

Either way, the toy storage hack looks to be the best way to keep kids' toys put away and look great at the same time.

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