Kmart shopper solves fridge storage woes with surprising $15 item: 'Total genius'

This hack will blow your mind.

Just when you thought you'd seen all the kitchen storage hacks out there, one Kmart shopper has come up with possibly the best idea yet.

The customer showed off her trick for creating extra storage in her fridge using an unlikely $15 Kmart item and the results have been dubbed "total genius".

Posting her idea to Facebook, the woman said she'd discovered a fuss-free way for getting to those hard-to-reach jars in the back of the fridge.

Fridge storage hack with Kmart shoe box
The Kmart shopper's fridge storage hack is a big hit with Aussie mums. Photo: Facebook

"This shoe box is so handy in the fridge for all the small jars that you never see once they are at the back of the shelf," she wrote alongside a picture of her creation.


The woman took a $15 shoe box and filled it with a range of condiments and bottles. The product's slide-out mechanism provides the items each to reach.

Placing the shoe box on the middle shelf, the clever shopper was able to free up space in her fridge and can instantly see all of the bottled goods without anything getting lost in the back.

'Bests hack yet'

Her 'amazing' out-of-the-box thinking was praised by dozens of others, with most saying it was the "best storage hack" they had seen yet.

"Holy shhhh... what a hack!" one Kmart fan wrote. "Now that's a hack! Well done, it's genius," added another. "Love this so much better than a lazy Susan," commented someone else.

Kmart shoe box
The Kmart shoe box has shelf that slides out, making it easy to access whatever is stored within. Photo: Kmart

Others said they were excited to try the idea in other areas of the kitchen.

"Oohhh great idea! I'm thinking this might be good for cans in the pantry too!" one Facebook user wrote.

"Oh wow! I might try that in my plastics cupboard! I only have one small cupboard for everything," added a second.

"Oh, that would be awesome for camping also!" wrote a third.

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