Aussie man divides with horrifying Kmart mistake: 'Choking'

His blunder made it difficult to breathe for a short time.

An Aussie man has been labelled ‘stupid’ after making a brutal mistake with a cheap Kmart product. He took to Reddit to reveal that he grabbed a $9 can of Anko spray varnish instead of sunscreen, which he sprayed all over his face.

“When the wife puts spray VARNISH with the spray sunscreen,” he wrote in the caption, accompanied by a photo of his shocked and shiny face.

L: Kmart Gloss Spray Varnish and sunblock. R: Man with glossy face in the sun
An Aussie man has made an embarrassing confession. Photo: Reddit

In the snap, the varnish has a clear label with a caution warning at the top and is also quite a bit taller than his sunscreen canister.

He elaborated on how he managed to make such a big blunder in the comments, blaming the “hilarious” situation on his poor vision.

“I have terrible eyesight and generally rely on vivid colours,” he explained. “I wish I didn’t have terrible eyesight but we both had a good laugh after I finished choking.”


He added that breathing in after coating his face ‘burnt’, but was relieved when he could ‘finally breathe again’.

Kmart's Gloss Spray Varnish on a grey background
People questioned why he didn't read the label on the Kmart product. Photo: Kmart

The Redditor’s act divided users, with many calling him out for ‘blaming’ his wife.

“Definitely gross to try to blame your wife for your stupidity. The cans aren’t close to identical,” one person pointed out.

“Did she tape off the huge text saying ‘Gloss Spray Varnish’ as well?” another asked.

“He sprayed himself in the face with a clearly labelled bottle of varnish, he’d likely eat rat poison if he was left to feed himself,” a third quipped.

“I’m amazed by people who just grab things and use them without checking if they have the right thing. I wish I had even a tenth of that confidence,” another remarked.

However, some people enjoyed his confession, and others even admitted to similar mixups themselves.

“I feel your pain. Several years ago my wife handed me a can of spray sunblock to spray her back. Turned out to be furniture polish,” one commented.


“Maybe post this in the beauty community — you may have found a solution to the best glow around!” another joked.

“We went camping one time and I sprayed myself with cooking oil thinking it was mosquito repellent because they were side by side,” a third chimed in.

“If you are going for the ‘slightly moist and sweaty’ look, you’re bang on!” added another.

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