Kmart's $10 sushi making kit a 'total game changer'

Kmart fans are losing it over a new $10 sushi making kit that has hit the department store's shelves.

The kit includes a device to assemble the rice and other ingredients, which then can be pushed onto a seaweed wrap before it is rolled into a perfect sushi log.

A description on the retail giant's website says it's easy to use and "creates perfectly formed sushi rolls every time".

A sushi making kit from Kmart.
The sushi making kit retails for just $10 at Kmart. Source: Kmart

"Simply fill the tube with rice and your favourite ingredients, then plunger the rice right through the tube onto a nori sheet and roll using the bamboo mat," the website says.

"Easy to open and clean."


A Kmart shopper showed the gadget in action in a TikTok video, rolling the sushi without even having the use the mat, saying "it's so worth it".

"The device makes it easier without using the mat," she said.

"If not using the plastic device then yes, you'd need to use the mat."

TikTok was in a frenzy over the mat, with one saying she would make sushi all the time if she owned the device.

"Need this in our house," one commented.

"I'm running," another said.

"Looks so easy," a third added.

"OK you convinced me to buy one," somebody else claimed.

Elsewhere on social media, people described the gadget as a "total game changer".

Mum praised for simple Kmart hack

It comes after a mum went viral for her simple Kmart hack to completely transform her living room.

Sharing a photo of her couch which didn't seem to be anything special, she revealed that she had actually covered each couch cushion with a $19 blanket to keep mess away.

A mum transformed her Kmart couch with $19 blankets.
A Kmart mum has found the perfect way to protect her couch from mess. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia

“Need a couch cover idea? We bought a new couch and I am terrified of my 2.5-year-old ruining it with dribble, snot, sticky fingers and food etc,” she wrote.

“I ended up in Kmart, colour matching the Alaska Throw ($19) and covering each individual cushion with a blanket. You can hardly even tell and now I can remove and wash if they get dirty. I’m so happy!” she shared excitedly.

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