Kmart shopper stuns with $10 item upcycle: 'Take my money'

She turned a pair of old shoes into a work of art.

Artist Kath Jowett has gone viral after showing off how she transformed a pair of old Kmart shoes into a stylish, colourful fashion piece. The shopper explained on a popular Facebook group that she needed a pair of shoes to match a new blue dress when she had the idea to upcycle ones she already owned.

Using a pair of dark heels, similar to the $10 Low Court Pump Heels on Kmart’s website, she spruced them up with some colourful acrylic paint. Her post went viral, with thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments.

L: Kmart store. R: Kmart shoes
Artist Kath Jowett has turned a pair of old shoes into a fashion statement. Photo: Facebook

“I’m an abstract artist and thought why don’t I just change [this] old pair of Kmart shoes into a walking piece of art!” she wrote alongside photos of the process.

“Job done and gloss varnish applied! Saved money and now have a stunning pair of shoes that I can’t wait to wear!!”

The Kmart fan used a range of colours, with splotches of hot pink and gold making the shoes really pop.


She added more information about the process in the comments, saying that using “good quality” acrylic paint is key.

“Good quality acrylic paint with gloss varnish over it to secure. Acrylic paint sticks like anything too,” she wrote. “I get paint all over my clothes and it doesn’t come off even after it’s been through the wash lol.

“I use all sorts of acrylic paint, but the one I used mostly on the shoes are called Amsterdam Acrylic paints. I also used Liquitex gloss varnish, but any acrylic paint based gloss varnish should work.”

Kmart shoes with colourful dabs of acrylic paint on them
People went wild for the finished product, with many asking if they could purchase a pair. Photo: Facebook

Group members were so impressed with the finished product and many asked if she could sell them a pair.

“Sell your creations. What a great side hustle. Especially if we could send you a pair to paint them then you know the style and size fits the client,” one person suggested.

“I FRIGGIN LOVE THEM!!!!!! Take my money,” added another.

“These are amazing!! You could sell them. I would buy a pair,” a third chimed in.


Another suggested that she make a matching clutch, while others wished they had the artist’s talent.

“Such a clever hack…but 100% sure mine wouldn’t turn out like that. Very impressive!” quipped a shopper.

“I wish I could paint and sew. I have an addiction to clothes, shoes, handbags and linen,” another joked.

You can find more art by Kath Jowett on Instagram and Facebook.

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